Sad I Missed the Hottest Heroes Show on 7/11/15

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I don’t know about you guys, but right now I’m so upset! Why? Well, because I missed one of my favoritest events EVER! Yep, I missed the Hottest Heroes show at the Ritz last Saturday because I’m the dumbASH that didn’t add the correct date to her frikkin calendar. GRRRRRRRR!!! Luckily, I’m friends with the gal who hosted the shindig and she sent me some sexy photos to go gaga over. mmmmmmmmmmm!

Photo credit for the droolworthy shot above: This hunky piece of yum is Jared Goldman and the lucky chick that took his pic is Taya Fagan. Kudos Taya. He looks just as yummy as Matt Bomer in Magic Mike. #SWOON!

Okay, okay, I know why you are really here…You want to see more of what we both missed. Check out these pics and eat your heart out! (all pics below by that lucky chick Taya!)

Rollie Cabrera


Kyle Rowley


Niko Valdes

Alright girls, if I’m still living in Tampa, Florida when this awesome event comes around again let’s make a pact to go together! Oh, and the kick ASH sexy bitch that put on this drool worthy affair?
The stunning Lisa (McCorkle) Hast  of Dream Makers Events. Show her some love by visiting her website HERE!