Rich Babe Challenge Day 4

LOVING the #RichBabeChallenge with @manifestationbabe sooooooo much! Today is day 4 and it had some awesome nuggets too. Here are my biggest takeaways from today’s video: Get intentional with your money. Make an important decision – set the intention of how much money you want to attract into your life. My intention is to earn $10,000 a month in PROFIT, every single month!

Biggest aha from today – “Release the how, and allow the Universe to do its job” This is always the hardest for me, but I’ll give it a go!

Ask yourself – “Who is that version of myself who already attracts this kind of money into my life?”

“The way to attract endless amounts of money into your life, is to start having fun right now.”

Ask yourself – “What can you do today to bring joy into your life?”

Manifestation Babe writes herself a check each month for the exact amount of money she wants to earn. She suggests doing that for yourself as well and to act as if the money is already on its way. She says, “The Rich babe version of yourself is already within you. She’s already worthy of money, has everything within her to attract the money you’ll be writing on your check, and she’s already abundant and successful.”

To step into that version of yourself that makes the kind of money you want to make you need to ask yourself things like:
– What are her habits?
– What are her thought processes?
– Who is she hanging out with?
– How is she dressed?
– What kind of books is she reading?

Questions like these “will give you the clarity you need to really tune into that Rich Babe version of yourself so that you can become her.”