Relocation Advice For Packing Moving Boxes

When making a move from one house to another, the task of packing up household items and personal belongings is unavoidable. Deciding what to take and what to give away before a move requires designating packing boxes for various uses. For some people paying for moving help is an option, but in most cases, when moving cheap, one has to do the packing themselves. Here is a packing strategy to use to ease moving pains.

Utilize Moving Checklists and Proper Packing Supplies

Plan the move by writing down a checklist of all items that have to be packed. These can fall under general categories like kitchen utensils, bed linens, furniture, appliances, and clothing.

Determine packing needs and buy moving boxes based on various dimensions of household items. Take into consideration bulky items and fragile items and buy packing boxes, tape, and wrapping based on these needs.

Moving Advice for Packing Early

Start packing as soon as the move is determined to avoid being overwhelmed at the last minute. Start with items that are not used, like special occasion glassware and cutlery, or extra bed linens for guest rooms.

As the days to the move draw to a close, pack more of the items that are used more frequently but will not be needed in the short term. Pack everyday essentials the day before, leaving out only what will be needed for the day of the move.

Label Packing Boxes

Label all boxes with a description of the contents. This may take some time but will save a lot of time later in the new home when trying to figure out what each packing box contains.

Use a nonfade marker to label the boxes. For fragile items, indicate so on the box so as to be aware of handling these with great care.

How to Unpack at the New House

Place all items in their respective rooms in the house when unloading moving boxes from the vehicle rather than just dumping everything in the nearest room to the entry door. All boxes with kitchen items should be placed in the kitchen, bedding in the bedrooms, and bathroom stuff in the bathroom. This makes it easier for storage and unpacking later without having to sort out through a pile of boxes.

Take time to unpack by starting with items needed for the day and then pacing oneself out to unpack other items in each room as the days go by. This helps to figure out the new home and the best place to put everything.

Moving to a new home is a big adjustment. Packing up personal items should not be a cause for additional stress. Plan ahead, buy the right packing supplies, and pack in sequence to make for an easier transition to a new home.