Planning Your Dream Wedding

For most women, strutting down the church aisle in a flawless wedding gown comes once in a lifetime. This is why you should take precise and careful steps in planning your dream wedding.


Since there are a number of considerations when planning your wedding, it is best to talk this over with your partner. Discuss the size of the wedding. You have to know whether your partner wants a grand entourage or an intimate ceremony. You can also talk about where the event should take place and at what time of the year. An outdoor wedding would be great but if you set the date during the winter season, you might become Christmas icicles before you finish your vows. Photos, videos, music, and guests are also other considerations.


Couples should agree on what aspects of the wedding need to be prioritized to determine the budget. For example, how many guests will be invited? The number of guests to your wedding will determine a large slice of the wedding expenses pie. More guests mean more invitations, more food and larger venues. To trim the list, invite only those important to you. The difference between 150 and 200 guests is substantial considering that most establishments charge on a per-person basis. Plus, aside from the costs, couples have to entertain guests at the reception. So unless you want to spend the whole night exchanging niceties then be sure to review your guest list.


You can also save money by designing and printing your own wedding invitations. Bring out your creative side and modify templates to come up with personalized wedding invites. You can also cut decoration expenses by shopping for raw materials at local craft stores. Not only are you able to save money but you also have full control over how the decorations look.


Flowers are essential accents to the celebration, from head accessories to venue decorations. While importing flowers may be tempting, it is not necessary. Roses can brighten any wedding just as much as any other colorful flora would. Also, don’t decorate the whole venue with fresh flowers. You can save a great deal by using fresh flowers as table centerpieces and using silk flowers for accent decorations. If you don’t want to use fake flowers, buy in bulk and use your creativity to arrange them yourself.

Above all, consider your future. If this dream wedding jeopardizes the stability of your marriage, both emotionally and financially, you might need to reconsider your wedding plans. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make your dream wedding a reality. A small, intimate wedding can be as memorable as a grand ceremony. Spend wisely. Every cent you save may build your first home.