Planning A Destination Wedding

Location weddings can be both beautiful and practical. Before booking the local church, sending hundreds of invites, and feeling stressed, consider this alternative.

With a destination wedding, the wedding and honeymoon can all be rolled into one package. If you and your future spouse-to-be are open to the idea of a destination wedding, you could experience one of the most stress-free wedding planning experiences possible.

Overview of Destination Weddings

A destination wedding occurs when a bride and groom travel to a destination and get married at that location. For those couples living in the United States, this could mean a couple travels within the United States or internationally, depending on their individual preferences.

Although you can attempt a destination wedding on your own, it may be best to contact a local travel agency or independent travel agent. These travel consultants will have the experience and inside knowledge of planning a destination wedding. They are familiar with the necessary paperwork and may be able to work with the different locations to find the best deal for you and your future spouse.

Destination weddings are legal weddings. Depending upon the location choice to begin your wedded bliss, you will want to verify the necessary paperwork needed for the official marriage license. Your travel consultant will be able to arrange the necessary notarizations, photocopies and passports needed. Many times, birth certificates and divorce decrees, if any, must be notarized and sent ahead to the destination.

In addition to taking care of the paperwork, your travel consultant will work with the on-site wedding coordinator to take care of the wedding details. These coordinators have a great deal of experience planning these weddings and have the entire system down to a science. For the bride that longs for a stress-free wedding, the on-site wedding coordinator can be a dream come true.

Depending upon the country and individual resort couples select for their wedding, the variety of ceremony locations can vary as well. For instance, some resorts have churches, while others have another area where weddings occur. The most common wedding location within a resort is the gazebo or beach.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Just as resorts have experience with destination weddings, so do travel agencies. There are several benefits of using a travel agency. They ensure documents are correct, including passports and other identification. Your travel consultant will be able to work directly with the on-site wedding coordinator. Finally, travel agencies are available if any challenges arise while you are on-site.

Planning ahead also allows the travel agent to work with those guests that may be flying from another part of the country. For example, the bride and groom may be leaving from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, while other family members are leaving from Chicago. These types of situations can be managed by the travel agent and can be managed better the earlier they know.

Why Couples Choose a Destination Wedding

Each couple has different wishes for their wedding day, and couples need to first decide if a destination wedding is right for them. So, how do you know if this is the right wedding experience for you? There are many reasons why couples would consider a destination wedding; The Big Day lists several reasons a couple may decide to experience their wedding as a destination wedding. Several of the reasons include a more romantic experience, cost-effectiveness for the couple, and a wonderful vacation opportunity.

If you are engaged, examine your options for your wedding day. Do not rule out a destination wedding; contact your travel agent and explore the possibilities. For those couples that choose a destination wedding, the experience can be unforgettable.