Moving Tips For An Easier Move.

Moving, involving packing and cleaning, is something that hardly anyone looks forward to. Follow these moving tips for an easier, more organized move.

For the most part, people know in advance that they will be moving or relocating. However, some moves are quick and unexpected. For the purposes of this article, these tips reflect planned moves. By following these tips for moving, you can save time and plan a more organized move. Make note of the various moving supplies mentioned, and get started!

Start Early

As moving can be a time of turmoil and unrest, it makes sense to start packing and weeding through your belongings as soon as you know you will be moving. But the reality of it is, a majority of people wait until the last minute. Starting to pack early will allow for more organized packing and a thoroughgoing through of unwanted trinkets and things you’ve outgrown. This is a great time to get rid of unused gadgets and donate old clothes to charity.

Buy or find sturdy moving boxes with enough room to organize and not overcrowd, which makes them heavy boxes of unorganized mess. Unpacking will be so much easier if you know what is in the box! Assign a theme to each box, choosing one word to define its articles. Write the location and theme on the outside of the box.

Consider investing a little money in buying plastic tubs to keep your belongings in for storage. These plastic storage tubs are durable and can easily be color-coded or labeled. They work excellent for storing art supplies, photographs, office supplies, clothing, pet supplies, etc.

Beware of Hidden Objects

Packing your residence in a particular order can help save time and back-breaking work. Begin by rounding up anything outside your home. Garden tools, outside toys, and other outside equipment can easily be forgotten during your move. Make sure to round up these items, bringing them into the garage or closer to the home.

Empty the closets, cabinets, and drawers. Some cabinets are very deep, revealing forgotten treasure or junk. Don’t forget to look under each sink. Pack up items not essential during your move. This way, you won’t overlook these hidden places during the move. Moving everything out into the open can help you take inventory of all your belongings, surveying for extra boxes needed or things to get rid of.

Consider Consistent Cleaning

How many people have waited until the last day of moving to do an overhaul cleaning of their rental unit in order to get a full refund on the deposit? Many people overlook this aspect of moving or neglect it thinking the rental company or new owner will just have a professional cleaning done. Yet, by keeping your home consistently clean, thoroughly cleaning when moving will be a lot easier.

Think of all the benefits of having a consistently clean home-like, fewer allergies, fewer pests, and more compliments! Find a detailed list of areas to clean and keep up. Make it a yearly or bi-annual task to be completed. Several overlooked areas to clean include cleaning the oven, cleaning behind the refrigerator and oven, cleaning under sinks, washing windows, etc.