More Marriage Proposal Ideas

Getting engaged is a special time in the lives of a couple in love. Aside from the usual proposal ideas, some people desire a unique engagement idea to express true love.

Each year, millions of nervous beaus frantically search for romantic and unique ways to propose to their significant other in a way that sets them apart from the rest. Because engagements are so common, it often seems as if every idea has been taken and that no idea is truly individual. Few and far between are the proposals that shine with enchantment and excitement, fulfilling the romantic dreams of girls all over the world. However, sometimes an engagement story does rise to the occasion, telling the tale of an amazing proposal that will be remembered for years to come.

A Movie-Inspired, Unique Proposal Idea

One man from El Paso, Texas, surprised his future wife, Stephanie, with a marriage proposal that was truly unforgettable. After watching the movie 500 Days of Summer, he decided to create a dance sequence that mimicked a famous scene from the movie. He and his girlfriend had watched and enjoyed the movie and considered it a favorite. After recruiting numerous friends to help with the undertaking, the group had four days to learn and practice the dance before he popped the question.

When the big day arrived, the man took his girlfriend to an outdoor shopping mall where the dance cast was inconspicuously waiting for its cue. Once the music began to play, he pulled off the dance without a hitch, with a fully choreographed production performed right in the middle of the shopping complex. In the end, the dancers cleared the area, and he made his proposal in front of intrigued onlookers and out of breath performers. Needless to say, his girlfriend was quite surprised, and of course, she said yes. The entire 500 Days of Summer marriage proposal was recorded and creatively edited.

A YouTube Engagement Story

Not everyone has the creative genius to write, direct or perform in movies and films. However, with media becoming an ever-increasing part of everyday life, almost everyone has access to basic recording and video editing technology. One man combined friends, family, creativity, and a romantic proposal to create a lasting documentary of his undying love.

Using a mobile phone, he proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah, by filming himself discussing his future plans with various characters, including her mother, father, the sun, the moon, and the animals of the forest. In the short film, everyone approves of his decision to propose marriage, and all characters are used in the end to pop the big question. For the record, Sarah said yes.

Unusual Way to Propose

Oliver Thompson wanted to surprise his girlfriend with an extraordinarily impressive plea for her hand in marriage. Instead of a traditional hot air balloon ride or average billboard proposal, Oliver took his girlfriend, Emma, to the Blackpool Zoo, where the two had met many years before. While many boyfriends may choose to propose during a romantic sunset near a favorite exhibit, Oliver took matters into his own hands by making an unusual request.

Prior to the zoo visit, Mr. Thompson convinced the zookeepers to allow a six-ton elephant to aid in the marriage proposal. He had purchased a beautiful engagement ring but chose to use a simple band in case the elephant decided to swallow the ring. The couple arrived at the zoo and spent a day inside the elephant exhibit – a treat that Emma was told was for her birthday. However, she was pleasantly surprised when the large elephant came towards her with an engagement ring, after which Oliver proposed.

Internet Engagement

One man went a little over the top in expressing his everlasting love for his girlfriend, Elaine. He created an entire website for her, going so far as to write a proposal song and poem, which can be viewed on the marriage proposal website. The website contains Elaine’s favorite flower and the story of their engagement. The man took his girlfriend to Niagara Falls on vacation and used an inscribed key chain to propose marriage once they got home. After giving her the key chain, he read her the proposal poem and played a downloaded version of the proposal song.

The love was in the details, as he chose to propose on the 22nd day of the month in the 22nd hour and 22nd second because 2 was a sentimental number for each of them. The diamond he chose was an E color, with “E” representing Elaine. Though this proposal took place just after the turn of the millennium, the website still stands as an ever-present reminder of their journey together.