Money Saving Tips For Weddings

Put down that bridal magazine and stop feeding your head with ideas about how to spend a fortune on your wedding; here are some realistic tips for a cheaper wedding.

Have you ever seen Father of the Bride? In this sweet but disturbingly materialistic movie, the bride’s father is horrified because his daughter wants a dream wedding that will cost the family over $100,000. After several temper tantrums by her father, the bride investigates cheaper wedding possibilities. Dad finds his little girl asleep on the couch, where she has been reading a bridal magazine article about how to throw a wedding on a budget. Suddenly, he sees the “error of his ways” and declares that he will let her spend whatever she wants on her wedding.

Bully that! Brides and grooms who live in the real world have to worry about house payments and credit card debt and the like, and money-saving wedding tips are a necessity. Here are some great ways for you to save money on your big day.

Wedding Venues

You can save a good deal of money by finding a beautiful location that has escaped the notice of all the local bridal magazines. In addition, you can save quite a bit by getting married on a less popular day or during an “off-season” month. Here are some tips on how to find inexpensive ceremony and reception locations.


For many couples, catering is the most overwhelming expense, especially if you’re having a big wedding and have lots of hungry mouths to feed. Spend time shopping around for a reasonably priced caterer that suits your needs. Consider alternatives to the traditional sit-down dinner, including unusual ideas such as an appetizer party or a brunch. In addition, consider cutting back on alcohol, which can eat up quite a bit of your budget. Here are some pros and cons to several wedding reception food options.

Wedding Gowns and Attire

Go ahead and be a princess for a day– but why spend a fortune when it’s easy to do it for less? Here are some tips on finding inexpensive wedding dresses and attire.

Flowers and Bouquets

Floral shops make a living by convincing couples that huge quantities of beautiful flowers are necessary expenditures on your wedding day. Don’t let them suck you into their sales pitches and stick with a reasonable floral budget. In addition, with a little work, you can do some of the flowers yourself. With a minimal amount of craftiness, you can make your own silk flower bouquets, and you’ll get to keep the bouquets forever. You can also save money by arranging your own wedding flowers.

Wedding Favors

Giving your guests little presents is a sweet idea, but there’s no need to hand out Oscar-caliber celebrity gift baskets. To find inexpensive favors, be wary when dealing with companies that specialize in such things. Consider other alternatives, like purchasing something cute from a dollar store. Here are some unique and creative ideas for wedding favors that don’t cost a fortune.

Don’t fall into The Father of the Bride trap. The wedding industry wants you to think you have to spend a bottomless pit of money to have a beautiful and meaningful wedding, and that simply is not true. Do some research and use your imagination, and you can find some inexpensive alternatives to pricey expenditures.