Millionaire Money Game – Day 1 – $1,000

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It may seem strange to some people for me to be playing a game in the middle of my heartbreak. However, for me, this felt like the perfect time to be playing a game dedicated to attracting prosperity from the Universe for the simple reason that my mom and I could use some money magnetization now more than ever! Want to play with me? Today is day 1, but you can still sign up here.


Today, the Universe has gifted me with $1,000. As long as I spend all of it today, I don’t have to pay it back. So, here’s what I’m spending it on:

I’m paying $1,000 in advance for 200 hours of VA time from this gal I once worked with in the Philippines. Over the course of those 200 hours I’ll have her handle a lot of my social media updates that I simply don’t have the energy to handle while I deal with the pressing family issues at hand. This money will give me 5 weeks at 40 hours per week of social media postings! I feel it’s money more than well spent.

Thank you Universe for gifting me this money that will not only free up some of my time, but will also allow me to make money from this gift as my VAs can post money making social media updates!