Memorial Weekend 2014 Camping Recap

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

So, I thought I’d give ya’ll a quick Memorial Weekend 2014 Camping Glamping Recap in the form of 10 lessons I learned:

1. Thou shalt not forget to bring the air mattress pump. Omg! We forgot the pump and therefore slept on the floor for three nights. Not awesome.
2. Thou shall bring a ceiling fan when glamping. Dude, if it had not been for the ceiling fan we brought for our tent, I’m not sure we would have made it through the weekend.
3. Thou shall re-apply sunscreen every 80 minutes. The directions on the sunscreen are serious bro! We were awesomely lucky to make it three days in the sun with no sunburn. Alas, I’m out of all of the four bottles of sunscreen I brought with.
4. Thou shalt not step on a root barefoot. I have been having massive amounts of trouble with my right heel lately. I’ve been walking a lot in hopes of losing some weight to ease the pressure and pain on my heel. Then, I stepped on a tree root while barefoot and lost all hope of doing much walking for the weekend. The pain got so bad I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair much of one evening.
5. Thou shalt not go to Wet N’ Wild Memorial Day weekend. Okay, I am a fan of water parks but prefer them when they aren’t as busy. We were camping near Wet N’ Wild so the collective group decided we should spend a day there. Unfortunately this particular weekend drew such a crowd that every single ride had an hour long wait or longer. The wave pool was overflowing and there was NOTHING lazy about the lazy river. Note to self- on Memorial weekend just go to the free campground pool because we barely spent any time that day in the water…
6. Thou shall bring extra towels and wash cloths- Yep- we didn’t have enough towels and wash cloths and had to re-use some towels thereby defeating the purpose of showering imho…
7. Thou shall bring a bigger cooler. Our cooler wasn’t big enough to hold enough drinks between ice stops…
8. Thou shalt not wear water shoes too long- big ugly blisters- that is all!
9. Thou shalt not go to bed until re-applying bug spray- I got some wicked bites while sleeping.
10. Thou shalt not call it glamping unless in an RV or cabin- The weekend made me long for one of the two.