Marriage Proposal Ideas – 5 Ways To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Asking for her hand in marriage is the perfect opportunity to not only let her know how you feel but also to show her how incredible she is to you. This is why you have to do it with style and in a truly romantic and unforgettable way fit for the queen of your heart. A carefully thought out plan is nothing without a breathtaking idea behind it. Below are five amazing ways to propose marriage and sweep your lady off her feet.

Proposal Up in the Air

Arrange a hot air balloon ride at sunrise just for the two of you. As dawn breaks up, and you lift off the ground above trees, houses, fields, and roads, and soar with the waking birds, you will get a chance to proclaim your love like no one else. Your love will rise like the glistening sun, and you won’t have to say much to receive the desired answer, as she will be in awe by nature and by you.

Sunrise flights are usually followed by breakfast and champagne, so you will be greeted in the most festive way when you land. But before that wind in your hair, love in your hearts, you will have created a lasting memory of your unique engagement and a fairytale story to cherish and share.

Ask Her to Marry You By the Fire

Rent a mountain cabin. Light up the fire and spread a blanket or a warm rug in front of the fireplace. Throw in a couple of throw pillows, too. Prepare a bottle of red wine or champagne and nice wine glasses or flutes. If she likes chocolates or strawberries, make sure you arrange some in a bowl or fancy glass.

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Together with your lady, get comfortable by the fire. Talk, cuddle, make her laugh, and at the right moment, pop the question. The tone of the setting should be reflected in the tone of your proposal speech. This kind of romance can open any heart.

Sunshine and Blue Water Marriage Proposal

A day at a secluded beach is a wonderful way to relax and re-energize. Positive energy flows like crystal clear water, while carefree spirits soak in the warmth of the sun. Getting engaged at the beach is a dream come true for confident, outgoing ladies. Surprise her when you go for a dive and “accidentally” find an engagement ring for her. The two of you could go snorkeling, and all of a sudden, you pull out a ring and ask her to marry you. Or you could dive together and find the sparkling jewelry.

However, you choose to execute the proposal, make sure you show how much she means to you, that you love every minute with her, and that you enjoy being playful and carefree together. Playing a treasure hunter and scoring an engagement ring for her will score big points for you and an unforgettable engagement for her.

Fall for Love

You have fallen in love once, and when you decide to take the plunge by proposing marriage, you show you are ready to fall for love forever. Thinking about making this step makes your heart pound, and your throat tightens in a knot. You are confident you want to marry this woman, but you want to give her the most unbelievable proposal to show her she is the one.

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If she is adventurous enough, take her skydiving. If you both have done it before, you can skydive as a team. Arrange to have “Marry Me” written in big letters on the ground where you will land, and while falling, direct her attention to the words. The adrenaline from the flight and the love in the air will make her feel like the most special woman on this Earth. Another option is to let her skydive alone while you set up a romantic dining table with flowers, candles, wine or champagne, and her favorite foods. A skydive, “Marry Me” visible from the sky, and a romantic table for two guarantees you the coveted “yes” and a memory for life.

Wine Tasting, With Love

Truth can be found in wine, they say. So, to find out if she is ready to call you her husband and to love you for better or worse, you can take a journey through wine country. There are so many places you can do wine tasting – wineries big and small, in the city or in the countryside, Napa and Sonoma valleys, etc.

For this occasion, you want to think romantic and exclusive. How about Valentine’s Day marriage proposal on the Napa Valley Wine Train? Make your stunning proposal in style while savoring delicious food, sipping on the best wines, and devouring the gorgeous scenery of the valley. Your journey as a couple will never be the same again. As the train winds through the valley, your love for each other will grow stamped with the most classic engagement, a testament of pure love.

Happy proposing, and loving engagement!