Manifestation Babe 21 Day Money Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 is about letting go of the how… it’s not your job to figure out how the money you desire will come into your life

Grab the book and follow along with me, it’s called Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days

Day Six Discoveries

For day 6, the challenge was to completely detach yourself from the how you will call in your desires…

Too often we get so hung up in “how will I acquire my dream income?” And that causes us to never get the money at all.

Would you ever doubt whether or not your order at a restaurant was coming to you? No. As such you should expect the Universe has taken your order of achieving an extra $1,000, and is working on moving all things through time and space to make that money come to you quickly and easily.

The idea of letting go of the how, is that money you desire can come from completely unexpected way. You might never anticipate the random way that an additional $1,000 can come into your life.

Kathrin’s way of detaching yourself from the how? Finding something fun to do. She suggested thinking about 5 things that make you happy when you spend time doing them, and then doing the 1 thing that sticks out the most to you.

Given the fact that most of the things on my list are things I currently can not do for one reason or another – I chose playing with my dogs, watching a movie, and eating a seriously delicious meal.

Now – I know this was 3 things, but sooooooooooo many things are enjoyable to me. And, this just felt like the perfect set of activities to distract me from what I want so I could focus completely on having fun.

Nothing wrong with that…right?!?