Making the Honey Almond Salmon from the Family Foodie Blog

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Holy cow people! 10 weeks from today is the 2015 Food and Wine Conference!!!!!!!!!! Next week we’ll be in the single digits, then it will be less than a handful of days and then it will be here and if you didn’t get your tickets you won’t get to hang out with all the cool kids that are going!!! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now! You can still get $50 off your admission with code FWC15grana!!!! Get your tickets to the conference at

Seriously, this is going to be THEE event of the summer and if you are a blogger, a foodie, wineo or just a frikkin fan of cool people that like to get together and chat about any of the above you seriously need to get on down to this event guys and gals.

In honor of this week being 10 weeks til the conference I made the Honey Almond Salmon from the Family Foodie Blog! Get the recipe HERE! This stuff was amazingly yummy!!! We paired it with a Ramen Noodle dish that proved we didn’t know how gourmet Ramen could taste. Check out how to make Ramen Cacio e Pepe HERE!

By the way, for those following this blog I totally missed week 11’s post about the conference, I’m sorry. I’ll do some kind of two-fer post before the conference to make up for it. I promise. In the meantime, go get your tickets for the conference now!

Today marks exactly 10 weeks until the 2015 Food and Wine Conference!!!! 

Get $50 off your admission with code FWC15grana


Alrighty. I’m off for another fun-filled weekend. I’m leaving to go camping tonight and tomorrow and there are definitely some exciting things planned for the camping trip. Then, Sunday I’m going to spend the evening doing summer ready crafts with my mom for Mother’s Day. I’ll post about those awesome camping activities and Sunday crafts later. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Leave a comment and
tell me about it 🙂 See you cool cats later!

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