Making the Good Morning Smoothies from the Family Foodie Blog


I’m super excited about this week’s recipe because of how dang tasty it was! This week I’m featuring the Good Morning Smoothies from the Family Foodie Blog. Strawberries for fiber, yogurt for protein, sugar for sweetness- what more could you ask for to have a quick and yummy breakfast on the go! Head HERE for the recipe!

Alrighty, now that I’ve told you about my uber yummy recipe I’ve got to point out something big!!! There are just 12 weeks until the 2015 Food and Wine Conference! People that’s just a dozen weeks. Like, eggs dozen, like doughnuts dozen!!! Like what are you waiting on your tickets for dozen?!? This conference is totally, probably, I’m pretty sure going to sell out and you’re gonna feel really lame if you don’t get a doughnut, er I mean ticket!!! AND I’m still offering you lovely, sexy readers of this blog and my facebook peeps $50 off your admission with code FWC15grana!!!! Get your tickets to the conference at! Do it now! I’ll wait…

did you get them yet? If yes- awesome and I hope you used the discount code to save some green! Can’t wait to see you at the conference. If no….Ugh! Why not?!? Seriously peeps, go get your tickets right meow or you’ll totally be missing out on all kinds of yummy foods, wines, and who knows- maybe even doughnuts!!!

Today marks exactly 12 weeks until the 2015 Food and Wine Conference!!!! 

Get $50 off your admission with code FWC15grana

Welp, I’m off to get ready for my weekend. I’m planning on some serious quality time with my hubby, lunch out at Urban Cantina, hopefully some fun times at the pool and if I get my way a trip to a park for a sunset picnic. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Leave a comment and tell me about it 🙂 See you cool cats later! Now, I really want a doughnut…

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