Make Candle Favors For Weddings Shower Parties

Candles make an Inexpensive party favor involving an afternoon or two of crafting. A bride can gather her bridesmaids or close friends for an afternoon of wedding favor making. Depending on how many favors need to be made, keep this a fun event. Small wedding? A bride may be able to make several favors each evening. Whatever the favor to be given, don’t leave making these small crafts for the last minute. Create them early and set them someplace safe.

Taper Candle Favor

Nothing could be simpler than tying together two taper candles. Although ribbon might be the most obvious choice, also consider raffia or plastic-coated wire.

 Embellish the ribbon by hot-gluing a small silk flower in a complementary color to the center of the ribbon. Consider tying a bow or wrapping the ribbon smooth and gluing the ends shut.
 For a fuss-free technique, twist short lengths of metallic wire garland around the candle. Look for a garland that reflects the wedding’s theme or a motif used throughout the reception. Consider leaf wire garland for autumn, silver snowflake or star garland for the winter, or metallic butterflies for a summer wedding.
 String some beads onto the ends of the ribbon, raffia, or wire.
 If there is a motif that is used throughout the wedding stationery – butterfly, leaf, star, and moon – look for a paper punch in that design. Use the decorative punch and fun patterned paper to make paper shapes. Then, glue the adornments onto the ribbon.

Votive Candle Favor

Give votive candles alone or tuck one into a decorated candleholder. If the candles are scented, make certain the favorite table isn’t too close to where people will be eating or hanging out as the fragrance will be more overwhelming in bulk and may set off allergies.

 Tuck a bit of tulle around the candle and tie it shut with a ribbon decorated with beads or tiny flowers and a paper tag listing the couple’s name.
 Wrap a bit of metallic wire garland around the candle.
 Glue tiny dried flowers or leaves onto the surface of the candle.
 Twist two chenille stems together and then wrap around the candle.
 Rubber stamp a mini image reflecting the theme of the wedding over the surface of the candle – don’t worry about every imprint is perfect.

Create a Gift Tag

In any case, create a small tag that includes the wedding couple’s names and ceremony date. Determine the size of the tag – figure a piece of paper one-fifth to one-quarter the length of the candle or votive. Use an interesting font or duplicate the font from the wedding invitation or program.

Print the information on a piece of cardstock. Cut the tags into shape. (Consider using a paper punch that creates a shape large enough to fit the desired information. It might take a bit of work to format printing the text onto the cardstock before punching the shapes.) Punch a hole in the corner of the shape and string the tag onto the ribbon or garland.

Candles make inexpensive and easy-to-give wedding favors. Add special touches using ribbon, raffia, or wire garland, etc., along with a decorative tag citing the couple’s name and wedding date for a thoughtful take-home gift.