Keep Your Dog Safe During Hot Summer Days

Dogs are part of the family and must be well taken care of in order to live a full, happy life. Summertime can be deadly to pets if not educated.

Dogs have become part of an extended family for most pet owners. Some people like them around for companionship; others for health reasons, and still others have dogs just simply because they love dogs. No matter the reason, having a dog or any type of pet requires adult responsibility.

Hot summer months can be deadly for dogs, but with the proper instructions, dog owners can live full lives with their canine companions.

The Summer Heat Index Can Quickly Spell Disaster

Check the weather report before venturing out. If the heat index is extremely high, the best place to leave your dog is at home. Unless you absolutely need to take him somewhere, such as the veterinarian, he will be safest in the house.

If you do need to take him with you, never leave him in an untended car, even for a brief minute or two. One minute in a heated car can mean certain death for the beloved pet.

A study by the Animal Protection Institute showed that moderately warm temperatures outside could quickly lead to deadly temperatures inside. This study showed that when the temperature outside reached 83 degrees, it rose to almost 109 degrees inside a closed up automobile, about 98 degrees inside a car with all four windows open, and 95 degrees with only two windows open.

United Animal Nations provides fliers to download to spread the word about the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot car, even for a minute.

Outdoor Time is More Than Just Play Time

If the dog must venture outside in the summer, make sure he has enough fresh, cold water, even if he’s inside the house. The heat can quickly dehydrate the animal.

If the dog gets to visit the beach regularly, never let him drink the water there. It’s full of salt and not freshwater. That could be bad for him.

Make sure your pet has had all of its immunizations and that a flea/tick check is done on a regular basis. Fleas and ticks can cause illnesses in pets at any time of the year.

Watch the animal around barbecues. Dogs can quickly snatch a hot dog or steak from the grill itself and get burned. Make sure all matches, lighters, and lighter fluids are put away to prevent a poisoning or choking incident.

Make sure all animals are properly licensed in case they wander around from home.

With Proper Care, Pets Can Survive Summertime

The best protection for animals is never to leave them unattended for long. They need to be supervised around children’s toys, parties, and even when playing in their own backyard. Treat them like one of the children. No one would let their five-year-old wander off by themselves, so don’t leave the family dog alone unnecessarily.