Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

You want it all: the dress, the flowers, the big wedding budget. But just because you’re strapped for cash, it doesn’t mean your dream wedding is out of reach.

You’ve met the love of your life. You’re engaged! The ring’s on her finger; the pride is on his face. And now what? Before “Here Comes The Bride,” there’s here comes the planning… and the handing over of the cash to the many vendors that will help you put together that perfect day.

Not to worry. There are countless ways to stretch that dollar. Finding inexpensive ways to personalize your perfect day will not only relieve you of major financial stress, but you’ll have a great time doing it.

The invitations

No need to sift through album after album of pricey invites at that fancy “paperie” to send out to your loved ones and guests. You don’t really need the multi-layered paper and gold seal, do you? If you’re the creative type, visit an office supply store or craft shop where you can purchase blank cards in bulk.

With a small arsenal of stamping supplies (also available at craft stores, and even dollar stores), you can create gorgeous wedding invites of your own, at a fraction of the cost. Some stationery shops also carry wedding invitation kits, which contain everything you need to create and send out your invitations.

The gown

Bridal shops have clearance sections, too; since many shops offer alterations at zero or minimal cost, you can look for a dress in a variety of sizes and rest assured it can be altered to fit you. If you’ve found a designer dress, you just have to have, seek out a trusted seamstress and see if she can replicate the design.

The location

Not everyone can (or wants to, for that matter) get married in a castle. Think of your favorite haunts as a couple, or places you’ve been to and loved, like a park where you might have shared a picnic; a small, independently owned art gallery; an old theater with unmatched atmosphere and history. They’re less likely to get booked for weddings and parties, and will likely have a smaller price tag than the area’s finest country club or banquet hall.

The favors

Yes, you can give away simple, lovely wedding favors – those special treats given to guests as a thank you for sharing in the day – without breaking the bank. Some ideas include wrapping a few Hershey’s kisses in little satchels (purchased at the dollar store) and tied with ribbon or raffia; homemade cookies or chocolate molds in the shape of a bride and groom; or a votive candle placed inside a shot glass. Keep in mind that personalized favors will cost a little more than generic items.