Including Pets In Your Wedding

People are choosing to do more unique things at their wedding, and one popular trend is to bring their pet.

These days, many people are opting to have weddings that are no longer considered the norm. This means that they include children, pets, or other elements that make their wedding more personable and reflective of the couple. Of course, whether you include your pet in the wedding depends a lot on their temperament. Keep in mind that a dog will likely do better in this situation than a cat.

Ring Bearer

A popular way to include your dog in a wedding is to have them be the flower girl or ring bearer. You can get a special collar that can hold either a pillow or flowers and then you can have your dog walk down to you. It is important to know that your dog may not co-operate due to the number of people that are around and all the noise.

Walk Down the Aisle

Depending on your pet’s tolerance for excitement, you may want to walk down the aisle with them or have them walk with an escort. If your animal does get a bit over-excited, they may take off on you or end up having an accident, which may mar the aisle, especially when you go to leave.


How to dress your pet is not an issue these days. You can find just about any type of clothing you require for your furry friend that will be appropriate. If you are not sure if your pet will tolerate a costume, you may want to just get them a collar with sparkly rhinestones or other decorations on it.


Ask someone to be a handler for your dog on the day of your wedding. This way, you do not have to worry about him. This person can walk your pet down the aisle and then keep them out of the way for the rest of the ceremony. If you feel your pet can walk on its own, the handler can then take him after the walk is over and watch him until the ceremony ends. You may want to ask this person to take the dog back home when the ceremony is over.


If you do not think your pup can handle the excitement of the ceremony, you may choose to have pictures of him with the happy couple displayed at the reception. Another option is to bring your pet out just for pictures where there will be fewer people and less excitement for the pet. If you choose to bring him out just for the photos, make sure to discuss this with your photographer as this could require some different ideas for the photoshoot.

Pets play a huge role in relationships and families these days, and they are a large part of the family. It only makes sense that couples would like to include their pet on such an important day.