I’m a Work in Progress

So, I’m doing the Live More Weigh Less Challenge with Sarah Jenks, and this time I’m trying to actually follow through on the entire 21 days.  I’ve been working on self-care a lot more these days since a health scare in March that made me decide to overhaul my entire life. I’ve been moving my body more, trying to eat healthier foods, up my water intake, see people more regularly and take better care of my mind and body. Today’s Live More Weigh Less challenge was to watch her free video and then write a comment answering the questions she asked in the video. She asked what we would do for fun today? What is our current relationship with our bodies? And, what has our journey been until now. Below is the answer I felt moved to write:

My current relationship with my body is work in progress. I’ve had the yo-yo diets and been up and down with my weight. My lowest weight was in high school and that’s the last time I was genuinely healthy. I ate better and moved more. Then, I got to college and stopped moving, and started eating crap foods. Unsurprisingly, the weight came on quickly and then was a bitch to get off. A few years ago I got fed up and tried a medical weight loss program and was thrilled to get just 10 lbs shy of my “goal weight” only to run out of money for the program and gain all the weight plus 20 lbs back.

Fast forward to today and over the past 6 months I’ve been trying to eat healthier and move my body more. I’m doing it for healthy rather than vanity now and things have improved a lot more. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m a hell of a lot closer than I was when I was yo-yo dieting, not moving my body and giving up.

For fun today I’m going to hang out with some fellow bloggers and jam on food and the joys of summer. I’m also going to have to try the eating without distractions thing and then I’ll check back in with how that goes. Very anxious to see what it will be like. I’ve heard you talk about it before, but I’ve never honestly given it the chance to work because I’ve always been convinced I need to multitask more (yet another thing I’m working on LOL).

Looking forward to actually following through with this 21 day challenge and I’m more excited about living more than I have been in a long ASH time! 😀