Ideas For Planning Simple But Elegant Weddings

The economy goes up and down, but weddings are constant. Regardless of how much the bride and groom have to spend on their special day, they can have a wedding that friends and family will always remember without having to spend a fortune. Most people don’t know or care how much it costs as long as they get to witness their favorite couple tying the knot.

Guest List

Rather than invite every family member and friend, set a limit and don’t exceed it. Immediate family members and those who are in constant contact should be included. Send invitations to the closest circle of friends. However, that distant cousin who lives abroad and the guy in the office two doors down probably won’t have their feelings hurt if they get an announcement after the fact.

Afternoon Wedding

A morning or early afternoon wedding can be less formal, saving the money spent on tuxedos and other attire. It also cuts the cost on a venue that may be in more demand later in the day.

Simplify the Invitations

Instead of traditional embossed wedding invitations with two envelopes and cards for all the activities, have single card invitations printed and request the RSVP by e-mail or a phone call. Save postage and hand-deliver as many as possible.

Wedding Co-ordinator

If a professional wedding coordinator is too expensive, ask a family member who has experience with organizing weddings and receptions. Provide a written list of what is most important to make sure all the bases are covered.

Inexpensive Flowers

Use silk flowers instead of real ones for the bouquets. They can be arranged at the store in advance, and there’s no chance of them ever wilting before they are preserved. Cut back on the floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception.

Simple Bridal Gown

The wedding dress doesn’t have to be ornate and layered. The less material and beading, the lower the cost will be in the purchase price and cleaning the dress.

Simple Menu

Instead of opting for a fancy dinner, choose a few dishes everyone will enjoy and offer less expensive appetizers. Have one bottle of wine or champagne on each table and serve tea, coffee, and water.

To lower the cost, even more, ask family members and close friends to each make their favorite dish for a reception buffet.

Simple Wedding Cake

A simple three-tiered wedding cake can be made more elegant with a few accents, such as a drape of silk flowers cascading down the side and a few other creative touches. Purchase the cake topper from a craft store for do-it-yourself savings.

Consider layers of cupcakes on a tiered cupcake server. This can be quite elegant, and it eliminates the cost and time of cake cutting.

Simple Wedding and Reception Decor

Only decorate the front of the church or wedding venue. At the reception, use rented white linens or whatever the venue offers for the lowest price. Centerpieces can be anything from candy jars filled with colorful edibles or single candles on a decorative tray with silk rose petals scattered around.

Simple Wedding Favors

Small white boxes with a poem of gratitude and wrapped cookies will delight most guests. Tie them with ribbons in the bridal colors. These can also be stacked and used as centerpieces.

Simple Outdoor Wedding and Reception

To keep the decor even simpler, have the wedding and reception outdoors in a garden, on a beach or at a park. Nature provides the perfect backdrop, so very little extra decoration is needed.

Simple and Inexpensive Photographer

Consider a photography student from a local community college or vocational school to snap the pictures. This will not only be less expensive than a professional photographer; the student will have pictures for his portfolio.

Wedding Blog

Start a free blog about six months before the wedding and encourage friends and family to leave comments. Have guest bloggers, who can be anyone from the best man and maid of honor to the photographer and cake decorator.

Weddings Made Simple

Guests at the wedding are there to celebrate the union of the bride and groom. A simple wedding can be just as nice as a more elaborate one, as long as everyone has fun.