Ideas For Inexpensive Centerpieces For Weddings

Create simple and attractive table decorations with these ideas for inexpensive centerpieces using flowers, herbs, unusual vases, and a little imagination.

Stunning table centerpieces for weddings are expensive if purchased from a florist, and many elaborate creations distract from the main attraction at the wedding, the bride and groom.

There are many ways for brides to make their own inexpensive centerpieces, which will still impress friends and relatives; the key is to keep things simple, choose the right vase or flower container, and use these tips.

Make Your Own Wedding Table Centerpieces

Save money and have some fun making homemade table decorations using colorful vases or tying favorite flowers together with pretty raffia or ribbon. Vases can be used after the wedding in the home or given as gifts to wedding guests. Here are some ideas:

 Clear vases in unusual shapes are perfect for single large blooms like hydrangeas or a bunch of smaller flowers. Make sure stems are cut to fit the size of the vase as appropriate.
 A single tea light candle in a glass holder placed alongside a flower centerpiece is cheap yet effective.
 Hand-tied tulips with raffia can be placed flat in the center of the table.
 Use robust herbs in place of flowers; rosemary, thyme, and sage will last throughout the day and work well for a green and white theme or added to a flower arrangement.
 Use a colorful plant like a red gerbera in the center of the table; place it in a suitable container wrapped with paper to suit the wedding theme, and use the plant in the garden afterward.

Cheap Table Centerpieces, Alternatives to Flowers

Expensive fresh flowers can be replaced by other items, which can also be reused around the home afterward in many cases. They are also useful for those who suffer from allergies to fresh flowers. Use your imagination with these items:

 Feathers, large and small
 Candles in various shapes and sizes; stack them on top of one another for greater effect.
 Lanterns, perfect for evening wedding receptions and autumn or Christmas weddings.
 Fresh fruit and vegetables. Perfect for an autumn wedding and great for adding color or as additional food for guests; try using a variety of chilies to spice up the reception!
 Petals. Ask anyone with rose bushes for a bunch of flowers, and then place the petals on the tables on the wedding day morning. No flowering arranging skills are required!

Wedding Table Decorations, Alternatives to Vases

Affordable decorations can be made from:

 Baskets. Readily available at homeware stores or fruit markets.
 Cheap wine glasses filled with colored sand, pebbles, and a single flower.
 White shoe boxes. Free from shoe shops; perfect as a base for a hand-tied mini bouquet of tulips or simply tie around a pretty ribbon.
 Mini pails or colored tins. These are very fashionable with florists and can be bought cheaply at garden centers.
 Colored bags with pretty handles.
 Brown paper bags filled with sand. Place a single tea light inside and watch the glow – perfect for a beach wedding.
 Shallow glass trays for floating candles.

Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Centerpieces

 Check the size of the tables. Make sure the decorations will not be too big, leaving any room for glasses, wedding favors, and food!
 Buy all the containers well in advance and enlist the help of friends/relatives to help the night before.
 If using fresh wholesale flowers, make sure they arrive no more than a couple of days before, store in freshwater, and cut stems underneath the water to prolong flower life.
 For evening receptions, remember to leave space for candles or simply make them the focus of the centerpiece. Lighting makes a huge difference, and the glow of a single tea light in a colored jar can be effective just on its own.

Table Centerpiece Ideas

Save money on the flower budget by making homemade table decorations with our ideas for inexpensive centerpieces. Use the money saved to order the bridal bouquet from a florist unless a bride is confident to make her own.