Ideas For Edible Wedding Favors

Make your guests smile with these unique and memorable ideas for edible wedding favors.

According to figures compiled by the National Mail Order Association, the average American wedding costs around $22,000, with wedding favors taking up around 2.1% of that cost.

Organizing a wedding can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Take a look at these unique and fun edible gifts to present to your guests – they won’t break the budget and will put a smile on their faces as well as satisfy any hunger pangs they may have on the way home!

Personalized Edible Wedding Favors

The personalized gifts industry has soared in recent years, delivering products from personalized greetings cards to monogrammed mugs. Almost anything can be personalized nowadays, and many companies are only too happy to fulfill this task. Visit the M&Ms website, where these shiny little sweets can be bought printed with a personalized message or the names of the bride and groom. These are sure to raise a smile among guests and are unique to the wedding.

It is also possible to buy individual bottles of wine with the details of the wedding printed on the label or engraved into the bottle, but these can be costly. Unpersonalized miniature bottles of champagne (200ml) can be bought in bulk and given to guests but again may stretch the budget at around £10 for each guest.

Depending on the number of guests, commercially made personalized products can be expensive. If it is a small wedding, it may be worth the money to achieve the professional finish – but if buying favors for large numbers, it may not be cost-effective.

Home Made Edible Wedding Favors

In today’s busy world, it is always a treat to receive something that someone has made. This applies to baking. Make cookies – many recipes can be found on the web – pile up three or four small cookies and wrap them in clear or patterned cellophane secured with a ribbon. Use color for the ribbon that matches the color theme for the wedding. A single, beautifully decorated cupcake wrapped in cellophane or presented in a small gift box can also make a thoughtful and inexpensive wedding favor.

Alternatively, make simple home-made sweets such as Peppermint Creams. Try making fudge or toffee and cutting into bite-sized squares, wrapping these up too. Cookies or cupcakes can even be iced with the name of the bride and groom for an added personal touch. Many professional sugarcraft flowers and toppers can be bought for cupcakes and are often inexpensive.

Shop-bought Edible Wedding Favours

If the budget is tight and home baking is not an option, there are other products to consider. Fill little gift boxes or bags with the bride and groom’s favorite sweets. A trip to a retro sweet shop or website can bring back childhood memories of sherbert-filled flying saucers, popping candy, and licorice bootlaces. This makes a very personal present that guests are also bound to enjoy, particularly as many of them may remember these sweets too.

Dried berries covered in white chocolate can be bought in many supermarkets and also make classy wedding favors. The tiny round “Love Hearts” sweets can also be a relevant treat, stamped with romantic phrases such as “kiss me” and “I love you.” Look out for other suitable types of confectionery, for example, heart-shaped chocolates to include in the gift boxes or bags.

Personal and Romantic Ideas for Edible Wedding Favors

Wedding favors do not have to be the last thing on your mind when preparing for a wedding. Neither does the bride or groom need to spend hours quibbling over what type of chocolate to put in which colored box. These fun and romantic ideas mean that wedding favors can be remembered by guests if they are chosen with imagination and thought. The key idea is to make it personal to the bride and groom, and this does not mean having to part with a lot of money. Weddings can be expensive enough!