How To Make Bridesmaid Gift Bags

Instead of the usual engraved silver item, give each bridesmaid a personal gift bag of goodies! While you can choose to put the gifts for your bridesmaids in a generic gift bag, there are more interesting and fun options as well.

For the girlie bridesmaid

For a bridesmaid who appreciates a nice purse, visit your local TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross and get a brand-name bag for less than in department stores. For extra savings, make sure you dig through the clearance racks at all three.

For the book, movie, or music-loving bridesmaid

If your bridesmaid is more of a movie, book, or music fan, consider a bag with something from their favorite band, book, or film. Sites such as sell tote bags with a choice of quotes and images from the series.

For the non-purse-toting bridesmaid

If your bridesmaid doesn’t usually carry a purse, there are other options. If she travels quite often, consider a carry-on type bag. Anyone who travels needs a good one, especially with checked bag prices going up. If she isn’t much of a traveler, consider a backpack-style purse that is easy to tote and to get used to for someone who doesn’t usually carry a bag.

Now, what to fill them with?

Simply put: what each bridesmaid enjoys. More specifically, find out these favorites for each woman:

1. Favorite candy
2. Favorite scent (for a body splash, soaps, etc.)
3. Favorite movie, music, or book
4. Favorite hobby (drawing, a certain sport, instrument, etc.)
5. Favorite color

Once you’ve got these down (you’ll probably know some of the answers, but ask other friends or family for the ones you don’t), it’ll be easy to fill each bag you’ve chosen with items each woman will enjoy.

When to give them out

There are two different times you can give these out, and the timing will also influence what items you decide on for the bags.

 Rehearsal Dinner/ Bachelorette Party: If you decide on either of these times to give out the gifts, simply include the items you’ve chosen as listed above.
 The morning of the wedding day: If you decide on this option, include the items above as well as some items to get your bridesmaids through the hectic day, such as bottled water, breath mints, gum, small snacks, etc.


After taking the time to put these personal bags together, it will be fun to see the surprised looks on your friends’ faces when their gift is more than a silver pen with their monogram on it!