How To Go Shopping In Your Closet

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)

Some of us could stand to take a hint or two from some of the successful fashion stylists in the world today. A professional knows that to be successful you must be able to put together looks that will dazzle, from the items you already have in your closet. And girls, I don’t have to tell you what a gift it is to be able to take an ordinary item from our closet, and add a few accessories that will turn it into something extraordinary.

This ability certainly comes in handy when you don’t want to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a complete new wardrobe. As we all know, a few key pieces can update your wardrobe and allow you many choices and options in rearranging and coordinating pieces, to create a complete new look out of something old, adding flair, style and originality to your good ole standbys.

For some of us, our jeans, t shirts and tennis shoes are the foundation which we base our wardrobes on. But as women, sometimes we want to put on something that’s going to make us feel a little more feminine, add a little charm and sophistication to our daily look. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with wearing our trusty jeans, we do yearn to break out of the doldrums and add drama to our style.

Try these trusted tips to add some pizzazz to old habits. Try adding that favorite pair of designer jeans you’ve been yearning for to your wardrobe. Sometimes, just switching from our trusted Lee’s to J lo, can make us feel more feminine. And of course, to spice up those jeans, add a pair of pretty espadrilles in a bright, feminine color, to make you feel sexy and fun.

Also, add a bright halter in the same shade as the espadrilles, along with an ankle bracelet, for a fun and flirty look. Pair that bright, summery sundress with your favorite espadrilles and blazer for a sophisticated but feminine look. Wear that favorite short skirt or shorts with a blazer and espadrilles for another fun look.

Dressing for work shouldn’t take a scientist either, rely on those same old staples to get you through the work week, just jazz it up a little with some of the following pieces and accessories. Combine bright colors that you normally wouldn’t consider a good match, but which are excellent for summer.

Like bright pink and orange, blue and green, colors that stand out and make you the center of attention. And if you just love those summery, colorful sandals, by all means, wear them to work paired with that favorite pencil skirt and ruffled blouse. Add a strand of white beads for that upbeat, funky office look. Cardigans are also an excellent feminine but useful staple item.

A bright cardigan goes well with anything, add a clutch bag in the same color scheme as your cardigan for an original look. Pair those black pants, which we wear to the office all the time, with a tiny top and espadrilles for a feminine and flattering look.

Our look can go from office to evening wear by the addition of an accessory or a change of shoes. If you wear flat shoes with those black pants to the office, change into heels and a glittery tank top for evening wear. Change your clutch from the lighter shades during the day to a bright red, or green for evening wear. Add an armful of glittery bangles at the end of the day, to take you from day to evening.

Add long, chunky necklaces to anything you might wear to the office or a jeweled belt and matching long, jeweled earrings for the perfect evening look. A short, silk halter looks great with pants, jeans and skirts, and is the perfect addition to take you from the office to the club in 5 minutes. Add a bright silk scarf to that little black dress to add flair and style.

An addition of an accessory or a change of shoes can brighten and change the look of any one of the trusted items in our closet. Its not necessary to spend hundreds on accessories or additions for our wardrobes. Learn to shop your closet and mix what you already have, with interesting pieces to create a new look.