How To Feel Better Attract Good Luck And Be Happy And Confident

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)

High self-esteem encourages a positive attitude, the most efficient tool to increase good fortune alongside visualization and relaxation techniques.

Some individuals appear to have all the luck, others none, but according to experts, much of this is self-created. The theory seems to be borne by the fact that lucky people tend to be so all round. They win the lottery and land a dream job, have a fabulous house and perfect partner.

Study their attitude, see what can be learnt and remember that life is a roller coaster for everyone. What matters is how one deals with ups and downs. ‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity,’ wrote Winston Churchill, ‘the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’

Be Happy and Attract Good Luck

The best way to attract good luck is to adopt a positive attitude and look on the bright side. If one expects the worst, it’s more likely to come true, and vice-versa. Keep things in perspective. If it’s not life threatening, it’s manageable so look for solutions rather than dwell on problems. Trust intuition, it’s usually right, though this may not be obvious at the time.

Above all, actively seek opportunities, do something new, go somewhere new, meet new people. Any step out of one’s comfort zone could bring a long-awaited lucky break and change life for ever. Whether its’ career, money or relationships, one needs to get out into the world to seize the moment. Don’t agonize about decisions. There’s no right or wrong if you accept responsibility to make it work. Lucky people are positive, determined and ready to act and take risks.

Visualization and Relaxation Techniques to Uplift Body and Soul

Remind yourself how lucky you are, stick a star in your diary when something good happens, however small, and visualize your dream. See it in colour and detail, bring it to the fore before you go to sleep and allow the subconscious mind to take over and guide you. Keep a lucky charm on your desk or in your pocket to remind you throughout the day that good luck is on its way.

Visualization works best when body and mind are at ease and stress free. Choose some easy relaxation techniques and notice the difference, whether it’s yoga, meditation, a painting course, a massage or a walk in the hills. Make it part of a weekly routine, replace tension with positive energy and feel better.

Improve Self-esteem, Feel Better

Those who believe in their dreams are most likely to attract good luck. It’s simply a matter of self-esteem and confidence. Work from the outside in, assess how you look, the way you walk or dress. Make small changes within your budget and notice the difference. When you look better, you feel better.

Smile in the mirror every morning, remind yourself you are unique and fill your mind with personal compliments. Ban any negative vocabulary and squash the slightest hint of self-doubt. Set your goals for the day, tackle any challenge as a chance to grow and always be prepared to accept change. Embrace life, learn, ask questions and have fun along the way. Act confident and sooner or later you will be, act lucky and you will attract good luck, uplift your spirits and enjoy a better life.