How To De Clutter Your Closets

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)

Of all the places that need cleaned in most homes, closets often are ignored. The reason for this is that when people clean their homes, everything gets shoved in the closets.

This happens so much, that sometimes people are afraid to look in some of their closets for fear of what they might find in there! People do not have to be afraid of the upstairs coat closet anymore, there ways to de-clutter any closet (no matter how bad it is).

Plastic totes/containers

Make friends with airtight plastic containers with locking lids. You can buy clear ones so you can see what is in each container, or buy different colored ones and color coordinate what goes into each one.

For example: pink containers= sweaters, blue containers=coats, etc. The great thing about airtight plastic containers is that they keep foreign materials out like mildew, dust, and insects/rodents. Most of them are also water resistant.

Plastic containers are stackable and available in many sizes and colors. You can also opt for a plastic organizer to put in your closet. This can hold miscellaneous items like gloves, scarves and winter hats. You can also put some of those items that always creep into a closet like pens, books, and toys and put them into a plastic container or organizer.

Shoe racks

The best kind of shoe rack to help organize a closet is one that hangs behind the door. This will pick your shoes up off the floor of your closet (and other rooms) and have them easily accessible behind a closet door.

The hanging shoe racks that have deep pockets can also be handy for kids rooms as well; along with their shoes, they can store dolls, toy cars and other various toys. These type of shoe racks can also be handy for organizing crafting supplies that ends up shoved into whatever closet has room for it.

Space savers

There are many types of space savers perfect for a closet. One type is a hanger. Space saving hangers are great because you can hangmany items on one and then drop one side. The clothes stay wrinkle free and take up less room. Another type is bags that you can place clothing, blankets, bulky sweaters, and bedding in and then you vacuum out the air.

These bags are great because once they have been flattened, you can stack them on top of each on a shelf, under the bed, or on the floor of your closet. The added bonus to these bags, is that you can take your clothing out and have them be as wrinkle free as they were before they went in the bag.

Tie rack

This is for anyone who has ties, scarves, and/or belts. Tie racks will keep ties and scarves from getting wrinkled and possibly even stepped on at times. There are closet friendly tie racks that you can hang up.

There are many ways to de-clutter your closets. From plastic containers to shoe racks, organizing the clutter can become an easy task. The only thing you have to do is brave that upstairs coat closet.