How To Date Your Wife

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Okay men, your job doesn’t end at the altar. When you get married you’ve entered a relationship, not just ended a conquest. It is important to keep your wife happy because when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, including you. You want to keep your wife happy if you want to keep your relationship. Lots of people are getting divorced these days. You don’t have to be one of them. Here are some tips to help all you husbands out there to build (or re-build) a great relationship with your wife through courting her. Here’s how you court your wife:

Ask, Don’t Assume

Ask your wife out on a date as if you had just met. You probably know each other a little better than using a one-liner on her, but it will make her smile to hear you trying to flirt with her. If you ask your wife on a date like you used to before you were married, it renews good feelings, romantic ones, just by asking. Dating your wife begins with asking, not assuming she’ll want to go if you say you’re going out Friday night. The only thing is, you and she probably have more obligations in your lives now, so advance notice is necessary. Ask her out for Friday night with enough time that she can clear her schedule and get a babysitter if you need one.

Make it Special

Men, in general, are not very good at making occasions special after they are married. Do you remember buying her a dozen roses, setting the mood music, and finding out what her favorite restaurant was while you were dating? Well, it’s time to get back to that. Make occasions special. Surprise her. Bring home flowers for no reason. Ask your kids what she does in her spare time, then get her something, for example, if she likes to read, bring her home a book. Your wife works hard to keep your home running orderly and getting things done, so make her day special by letting her sleep in, serving her breakfast in bed, and doing the dishes on an ordinary day and giving her the day off on her birthday.

Expressions of Love

While you were dating and the first few years of marriage were probably filled to the brim with, “I love you.” Why should it change just because a few extra years have gone by? Keep telling her that you love her. Do it every day. You have to say the words, then meet the words with action. You work long hours and mow the lawn to show her than you love her, and I’m sure she appreciates it, but what are some other ways you can show her that you love her? The butt pinch is good, flirting helps, leaving love notes and surprises are wonderful ways to show her that your love for her is still alive and that it isn’t all sexually oriented. Compliment her shamelessly. Women love compliments and feel much more loved when they hear compliments. If you think your wife looks hot, you better tell her so or you might be in trouble.

The basic principle here is to court your wife as if you weren’t married. You can have a much more fulfilling relationship with your wife if you are willing to put forth the same effort you did when you were trying to win her heart in the first place.