How To Become a Millionaire


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I want to be a #millionaire … So, I’ve given this some thought and here’s 10 ways I can acquire a million dollars:
1. Sell 500,000 copies of my eBook 50 Ways to Keep Me From G*mbling since I get about $2 per copy sold. If not this book, then some other awesome eBook I write. This is the most likely scenario anyway out of all the items on my list…IMHO (2018 Update this will NOT happen because I deleted the book from Amazon LOL)
2. Hang out at the casino more often in hopes of an awkward reenactment of “Indecent Proposal” ….oh wait- I’m not a whore and not Demi Moore….
3. Rob a bunch of banks and then skip town to a non extradition country like in the movies.
4. Take a life insurance policy out on myself. Fake own death. Have hubby collect the money and meet me in another country/town/place…
5. Continue adding money to a retirement account and wait 50 years to let it grow and compound into a million all the while gritting my teeth that it’s taking so damn long…
6. I heard about a guy that was pretending to be homeless and was making $300K a year doing that…I’m way cuter and could totally get a million dollars in a year or two. Right? LOL! Don’t answer this question. Thanks! hahaha
7. Have a long lost relative leave me a hefty inheritance…highly unlikely considering I know all the folks in my family as far as I know and doubt an unknown family member would leave me money at the time of their expiration…but hey….these are just thoughts anyway….
8. Get a wildly popular blog and insane endorsement deals. This could totally happen! If a woman writing about the color of her kids poop can make $2 million on her blog I totally could do that too!
9. Make a crap ton of Youtube videos and get a bunch of hits ala Gangnam Style…
10. Create a product, patent that crap and then sell the bejesus out of it. Pet rock, slinky, koosh ball, and ahem… SNUGGIE …. so why not me?!?

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