Good Things To Take Camping That People Often Don’t Consider

Camping can be a wonderful way of experiencing nature in any country. If you have not camped much, any camping reference book or website will list the standard equipment for you to take, such as a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, cooking equipment, flashlight, rain gear, and of course, food and water. If you include some items that more experienced campers carry, any trip can be more enjoyable, and a less than pleasant trip can turn into a good experience.

To enjoy camping, you must be comfortable. A small item that takes very little space is a cotton bandanna. On hot days, wet it and tie it around your neck or shade your neck by extending from under the back of your hat. If bugs are biting, a bandanna with some bug repellent on it, tied around your neck, will keep them away without putting repellent on your face or near your eyes.

A clean bandanna can also be used as a cooling washcloth. A dry bandanna tied on your belt or belt loop becomes a hand towel when cooking. Not sure what you are sitting on? Put your bandanna down before you sit.

The cooking fire or stove is the center of the camp. Food brings people together and tastes better when eaten outside. Food preparation can be difficult without a clean space on which to work. A small cutting board can make the job much easier whether you are working at a picnic table or on the ground. It is level and easy to keep clean. If space or weight is an issue, the newer cutting mats can be rolled up and take very little space for the convenience they give to an organized camp kitchen.

Whether you are on the move or staying in one place, rain can make a camping experience miserable. An extra tarp, often called a guide tarp, can add comfort. A triangular nylon tarp with no poles, a guide tarp takes up very little space and can be erected quickly when needed. Poles can be created from nature or by using hiking sticks, oars, or paddles at one side and anchoring the other end with rocks or packs.

If you are to be in a forest, then pack some rope to be used when erecting the tarp. This small tarp can create a dry lunch stop, a roof for your kitchen food preparation area, or a new roof above a leaky tent. A visit to a climbing supply store for a pulley and some carabineers will give you even more ways to put this shelter in place quickly.

When the dishes are done, the beds are ready, and the food is away, there is nothing better than enjoying the evening with friends and family. Camp cooking sets often include small plastic mugs or cups. These are useful for cooking, but they are small, and they do not keep a drink hot or cold.

An insulated mug keeps your drink hot or cold while you enjoy the evening sights and sounds around you. Flavored coffees or teas or a little liqueur added to your hot drink in your insulated mug extends this time of day and makes your camping experience special.

Little additions to your pack can make a big difference to a camping experience. A bandanna or two, a cutting mat, an extra tarp, and an insulated mug can keep you clean, dry, and add to your comfort. Camping should be as pleasant as possible so that we can make time for those special moments that living with nature gives us.