Product Review: Girl Scouts Coffee Mate Flavors

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I know. I know. It’s becoming a little too much of a trend lately, but here is another overdue review. I’m finally getting the many items on my to-do list checked off. Woohoo!!

Okay! I was sent two bottles of Girl Scouts Flavors Coffee Mate (the liquid not the powdered form) for the purposed of review. Although I was sent these items for free, all of these opinions are my own. I’m told the two flavors are still available for purchase at Target stores. Have you seen them anywhere else? Chime in with a comment!

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Coffee Mate Flavor One- Girl Scouts Thin Mints: I tried the Thin Mints flavor in several different drinks. In coffee it makes the drink taste pretty good. When the liquid hits your tongue it’s sweet and then when you swallow the bitterness of the coffee comes back but with a hint of the mint.

I also tried a creamer martini with the Thin Mint creamer. It was equal parts vodka, milk and Thin Mints creamer. This was QUITE tasty. I definitely could sip this for a while!

Next was a hot cocoa a Thin Mint concoction. This was my favorite! SO GOOD! Tastes like Christmas in a cup. YUM! Tried it in hot tea though and nearly threw up. Gross! Seriously! Don’t do this ya’ll!!!

Coffee Mate Flavor Two- Girl Scouts Caramel and Coconut aka Samoas: Overall after all of my kitchen testing this was my favorite creamer. In coffee, vodka, tea and hot cocoa this creamer is fantastic. It’s not as good in the hot cocoa as the Thin Mints one but it wins for versatility hands down!

I made a creamer martini with this creamer as well and I’m lovingly calling it a Samoatini. Next time I’ll line the glass with chocolate swirls and have a graham cracker and chocolate rim and I could seriously drink these all night! So frikkin’ yummy!!!!!

If you are a coffee lover I would highly recommend these creamers. If you like creamy martinis I would also highly recommend these creamers. You know what? Just go to Target and buy one of each and try them for yourself. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!


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