I’m Headed to the 2016 Food Wine Conference! #FWCon

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Famous Ashley FB ReadyIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you likely have already seen the posts that are offering $50 off Food Wine Conference Tickets with code FamousAshley. This is because for the second year in a row I’ve been one of the lucky bloggers chosen to be a brand ambassador for the exciting Food Wine Conference held annually at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando.

About the Conference: This conference is a gathering place for bloggers, people in the food and wine industries, small business owners, media and so much more. By bringing everyone together in one place we can all jam on food and wine and boost each others success by forming relationships to get more eyeballs on our blogs, more recognition on hot brands, and to get the word out about the latest foodie and wino news.

Why you should attend: If you are a blogger, working in the media or a public relations professional this is your chance to connect face-to-face with people related to the food and wine industry.  If nothing else you will get to try some amazing foods, enjoy some delicious drinks and walk away with at least one or two new friends.

Why I’m going: The truth is I might not need some of the classes that are being taught at this event. After many years as a blogger, I’ve learned a lot, but the funny thing about going to live events like this is that even though I know so much, I always learn something new and make at least one or two fabulous connections. In fact, last year I made a friend that will be my roomie for this year’s conference and I couldn’t be more excited to have a couple of nights of adult slumber parties to just goof off.

The most important thing I’ve learned about attending live events like the Food Wine Conference is that each conference is what you make of it. If you go in expecting a crappy time, you’ll have a crappy time. If you go in with a plan, you’ll likely come out having accomplished something.

Moment of truth: It’s going to be one kickASH party and you should join us at the 2016 Food Wine Conference. And, don’t forget you can score $50 off w/ code FamousAshley at http://foodandwineconference.com!

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