Flower Girl How To Wear Sophisticated Florals For Spring

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)

Florals are a classic Spring pattern and can be a gorgeous way to welcome the change of seasons. Keep them sophisticated and sassy with these key tips!

April showers bring May flowers in more ways than one! Spring has arrived and with it come the pretty, floaty florals that look so lovely on the hanger but can be a little daunting to work into your wardrobe. A little floral can go a long way, so learning to wear blossoms without looking like you’re off to your first day of school can be hard to master. Using these few tips can insure that you look fresh and sophisticated instead of like you’re missing your lunchbox and pigtails.

Keep it in Proportion

First and foremost, make sure the size of the pattern is in proportion to the size of your body. This rule applies to patterns in general, but it especially important to keep in mind when wearing florals. If you’re petite, a Liberty floral or something similar in a small scale is perfect to keep your small body from being overwhelmed. Similarly, if you’re tall or have a larger frame go with a bigger print. Small florals can look childish on a larger body, and the last thing you want is to look like you’re wearing clothing from the kids department.

Polished Pairings

An easy way to keep a floral pattern from looking overly sweet is to pair the piece with something structured or even menswear-inspired. The juxtaposition of the sweet and serious creates visual interest.

A boyfriend blazer over a knee length floral dress with some short boots or even sandals keeps the look modern and provides the layering that spring weather often requires. Pairing a floral blouse with trouser jeans is both casual and crisp and can even be appropriate for a work environment in a more casual office. One look that never goes out of style is high-waisted cream trousers with a soft floral blouse tucked in paired with simple jewelry and heels. Sophisticated and feminine!

Structured Silhouette

While it may be tempting to pick up that floor length, 1970s inspired slipdress with the sweeping skirt, stay away. Since floral patterns are inherently girly and youthful, it’s important to keep the silhouette modern and crisp, especially if you’re going for an all over floral look in a dress. Keep the item fitted and well tailored, not too tight or too flowy.

A slim pencil skirt in an unexpected floral pattern can be surprisingly stylish when worn with a button down shirt and muted metallic or nude heels. A sleek and modern floral dress can be young and stylish with gladiator heels or wedges and a bold accessory or purse. If the floral item in question looks like it could be worn on the set of “Hair”, it’s generally not appropriate for this decade, especially if you’re planning on wearing it to work.

Floral fabrics can be a fresh and feminine way to take your wardrobe into the Spring season, and can be worn by any body type and at any age. All patterns are trickier to wear than solids, and florals may be the hardest. Make them flattering and stylish by keeping the size of the pattern in proportion to the size of your body, pairing the floral item in the outfit with sleek and structured items, and choosing a floral item that is well tailored to your body. With these simple tips anyone can be a flower girl this Spring season!