Five Day Meal Plan For Optimal Nutrition

When shopping for your produce, look for high-performance foods. Blueberries contain mass levels of antioxidants, which assist in purifying the blood via healthy digestion. Blackberries, apples, peaches, plums are in their prime at harvest time, Summer’s end.

Though small, blackberries have the world’s highest concentration of vegetable iron; perfect for vegetarians. Spelt bread is made with one of the ancient grains and is easier to digest than whole wheat. Buffalo is iron-rich and low in fat. Brown rice is high in vitamin E and easy to assimilate in the morning.

Avocados are rich in oleic acid, which improves digestion and adds vitality to hair, skin and nails. Supporting organic dairy farmers and boycotting conventional dairy is a good idea for your body as well as for the planet.

Om Yoga Breakfast:

Blueberry-almond milk shake, made with sprouted raw almonds and almond milk.
Bowl of low-sugar granola w. organic milk, blackberries, apples, peaches, plums.

Whole Proteinator:

Buffalo sausages, free-range eggs and spelt bread toast with butter

Mexican Sunrise:

(pre-cooked) Brown rice, sliced avocado, grated organic cheddar, sliced tomato, eggs, black beans and drizzle of organic olive oil

Easy Energy:

Sliced local organic fruit, with organic plain yoghurt and low-sugar. Wheat-free granola on top

Sweet Sunrise Breakfast wrap: free-range chicken sausages, eggs, cheddar, sliced orange pepper, mixed nutrigreens and dash of cayenne pepper in a spinach tortilla.

Snack ideas:

 Fresh pear, corn thins crackers with cream cheese and cucumber
 Handful raw organic almonds, fresh local apple
 Strawberry-organic coconut milk shake with a dash of Greens +
 Organic banana and a handful raw organic walnuts
 Yogurt and peach-sliced (or plain yogurt with any other fruit)

Lunch suggestions:

Free-range Chicken and Mango Salad:

(*prep the night before to take along) nutrigreens, chicken, mango, green onion, cucumber, bean sprouts, raw pumpkin seeds

Green Bean and Pistachio Salad:

Fresh, local green beans, garbanzos or lima beans, mint, shelled pistachios with lemon-zesty dressing
Nicoise Salad: green beans, navy beans, tuna, green olives, hard-boiled, sliced egg, tomatoes on a bed of mixed nutrigreens
Greek Salad: tomatoes, peppers, olives, cucumbers, red onion, goat or sheep feta, drizzle olive oil/balsamic vinegar/lemon juice
West Coast Salad: mixed nutrigreens, Indian candy salmon, Chevre, sliced mixed peppers and dash green onion

DINNER ideas:

Organic Sesame Beef & green veggie stir-fry over short grain brown rice
Currant-shallot encrusted Salmon with steamed broccoli/carrots, slivered almonds and roast potatoes
Spinach/artichoke stuffed free-range chicken breasts with local potatoes and steamed kale or chard
Spice-rubbed Turkey breast with baked beets, Winter squash and Arugula-walnut-pear salad side
Coconut milk-veggie free range Thai chicken curry over a bed of rice noodles