Fabulous Find – The Gun Box

I have wanted to start posting cool products and neat things I find on the internet for a while. Another blogger I follow calls her finds like this fabulous finds. I loved the idea so I asked her if it would bother her if I basically copied her idea and posted my finds as fabulous finds too…She said she wouldn’t mind a bit. After a few months, I completely forgot about wanting to post fabulous finds…that is until today when I stumbled upon this product…The Gun Box. I don’t personally own any fire arms yet, but this product is – in my opinion- fabulous!!!

I don’t want to start an argument about whether or not fire arms should be in the home, so any comments about that will be deleted. The main idea behind this post is that if you do have firearms in your home, I think this product is an awesome way to store one for emergencies. Just check out the video.