Edible Wedding Favors

Rather than giving their guests engraved trinkets that may never be used, many brides and grooms are choosing to delight their guests with edible wedding favors.

There are so many wedding favors on the market nowadays that brides and grooms are spoiled for choice. From engraved toasting glasses to personalized martini shakers, choosing favors that guests will use and enjoy can be a difficult decision to make. One favor that is always a hit with guests is the edible wedding favor. From the traditional bonbonniere to personalized candies, edible favors are sure to please. Here are some of the most popular and personal ideas for edible wedding favors.

Jordan Almonds

Also known as “confetti,” these sugar-coated almonds are synonymous with weddings. Available in a variety of colors to match any wedding decor, Jordan Almonds are often bundled in circles of tulle, or given to guests in small gift boxes.


Candy is increasingly popular as a guest favor and is guaranteed to impress young and old alike. Whether brides and grooms choose a childhood favorite, individual servings of personalized chocolate kisses, or a candy buffet that guests can serve themselves from, candy is a delicious, portable, and affordable way for couples to thank their guests. Couples should shop online for the best prices and variety, and be sure not to purchase candy too far in advance of the wedding date.


Is there anything better than that first bite of a homemade cookie? Many brides and grooms present their guests with delicious and decadent cookies, either in the homemade style, or beautifully decorated and monogrammed with icing. Ambitious couples who make their own cookies often enlist the help of family members and the wedding party. Couples who wish to leave it to the professionals should consult their local bakery or their caterer.


An absolutely adult and sophisticated gift, wine is always appreciated and has a longer shelf life than many edible favors. Full-sized bottles can be given out one per couple, or mini bottles can be given to each guest. Brides and grooms who have their wine made can choose the size of the bottle they wish to use and personalize the labels with their names, wedding dates, trivia, and photos.

Honey, Jam, and Preserves

Small jars of honey or jam with a personalized label are an unusual and decadent favor. Brides choosing condiments as favors often choose something that the local area is famous for. The possibilities are endless: salsas, barbecue sauces, chutneys, and so on. Many couples will tie this type of favor into their wedding theme, or into a piece of trivia about how they met. Some couples even can their favors themselves! Couples looking for ideas should check out their local farmers’ markets.

Hot Chocolate Mix/Lemonade Mix

What could be more appropriate to a winter wedding than a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Or a tall glass of lemonade at a summer garden party wedding? Many brides and grooms are choosing to give their guests personalized hot chocolate mixes during the winter months, and lemonade mixes during the summer. The package can be personalized with details about the couple and is a delicious souvenir for guests to enjoy at a later date.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

This is a very popular favor, and one with endless possibilities for personalization. Brides and grooms can design their own chocolate bar wrapper, or choose from pre-printed samples. The couple then chooses a matching foil wrapper and their choice of a chocolate bar. Personalized chocolate bars can be ordered completely pre-assembled, or couples on a budget can order just the wrappers and foil, and do the assembly themselves.


A tiny tin of mints always comes in handy and is sure to be enjoyed over a long period of time. A variety of after-coffee mints are available online in personalized tins. Foil-wrapped mints can be given in tulle bags or gift boxes, much like Jordan almonds.


Tea is an elegant wedding favor and one that is suitable at any time of year. Whether an exotic loose tea in a tin or unusual flavored tea bags in beautiful sachets, tea is a comforting gift with many possibilities. Couples giving loose tea may want to consider also giving a tea infuser as part of the favor. Personalized tea caddies are also available.

With a huge variety of wedding favors available to them, many couples worry that they will be giving their guests something that will sit unused in a drawer. Edible wedding favors solve this dilemma, thanking guests with a special treat that comes from the heart, and won’t clutter up shelves.