Easy Wedding Cake Decorations

Fifty years ago a stunning wedding cake required countless hours of labor, visible in the final product as lacework, extension-work, hand-tinted flowers with each petal crafted individually, and an exhausted mother of the bride in the background! Fortunately for today’s DIY-inclined bride, contemporary cake decoration trends are for the funky, chunky, and non-edible. Here’s how to produce a stunning cake with a minimum of talent:

Decorating a Wedding Cake With Ribbons

The human eye is drawn to borders, so any slightly uneven bottom edge of fondant makes a cake look unprofessional. Hide the evidence by pinning a wide ribbon around the bottom of each tier in the wedding colors. Flat bows can jazz up the ribbons, or they can be left plain as long as the join is at the back of the cake.

Adding Real or Flax Flowers to the Cake

Ask the wedding florist to make a cake topper. Fresh flowers are gorgeous, and far less time-consuming to arrange than icing flowers. Another alternative is to use flax flowers for a contemporary look. Flax flowers can be kept afterward by the bride as an heirloom and can be dyed to match the wedding theme.

Topping a Wedding Cake With Shapes on Wires

Boinging red hearts on springs or delicate butterflies hovering above the cake on gold wires are a very popular, funky look. Buy the wires from a cake decorating shop, along with a cutter in the shape you like. You can even buy flower paste icing pre-tinted, or mix the color yourself. Simply roll out the icing, cut it, poke the wires into the shapes and leave to dry. Then the wires can be bent, crimped or coiled, and poked into the top of the highest tier of the cake. As an added bonus, the shapes or wires can make cute wedding favors.

Using Fondant Cutouts to Decorate a Cake

The shapes don’t need to be on wires, of course! A dab of royal icing will secure them to the top or sides of a cake. Buy cutters in graduated sizes and have a cascade of hearts down the sides of the cake, or dot shapes at random over the entire cake.

Adding A Hint of Colour to the Cake

Powder-based icing colors give very delicate tints when brushed over a surface. These powders are available in pearlescent and metallic colors. A faint dusting of antique gold over a dark chocolate cake, or a hint of silver on a winter wedding cake, can give a professional and luxurious feel. Cutouts or shapes on wires can also be delicately tinted, perhaps around the edges, for a feminine fairytale effect.