You Can Make Easy Healthy Meals At Home

Would it surprise you to learn that having more meals at home doesn’t require a bunch of cookbooks and culinary expertise? Serving your family homemade meals can be as easy as 1-2-3! You really just need three main components to make a quick meal that satisfies and is healthy.

Protein- Whether you like tofu, chicken, beef or fish you should be consuming about five and a half ounces of lean protein daily. Oh, and by the way- if you prefer meals that are meat free there are lots of vegetable options that can pack a mean protein punch!

Veggies- You can steam them, bake them, sauté them, or even eat them raw such as in a salad. Studies have shown that meals taste better when they are also appealing to the eye so get a bunch of beautiful lush greens, tomatoes, carrots or whatever you like and put a rainbow on your plate!

Grains- Quinoa, brown rice, whole grain toast or some other grain – the possibilities of what you can serve with your protein and veggies are endless.

Once you have the components in your mind you can mix it up and use a bunch of different spices to make any dish go from bland to delicious! Here are three meal options that are a breeze to make even if you only have 30 minutes:

  • Make a yummy blend of Rosemary, Oregano and Basil. Sprinkle it onto some chicken breasts and grill it up. Once it’s all cooked serve it over a bed of fresh romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes with oil and vinegar as your dressing and a slice of whole grain toast on the side. Yum!
  • Grab your fave steak seasoning and season up some flank steak. Then, sauté it with onions and green peppers and serve in a whole grain pita for a quick and easy handheld meal.
  • Get fishy with it! Simply salt and pepper your fish of choice. While it bakes in the oven whip together some brown rice and steamed veggies to go with it. Boom! Dinner is ready!

What Does a Health Conscious Shopper Look Like?

It is incredibly easy to be an unhealthy consumer in America. The truth is we are constantly inundated with fast food commercials and quick meal options that are laden with sugar, salt and other preservatives. Even at the grocery store the aisles are loaded with 30 minutes or less meal boxes and unhealthy snacks that ultimately leave us feeling unsatisfied. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Here is what it looks like when a health conscious person goes grocery shopping:

A health conscious person will stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store filling up their cart with organic fruit along with free range meats and lots of protein and fiber rich greens. The perimeter takes less time so they will be in and out quickly.

When looking for snacks a health conscious shopper grabs fruits for sweet snacks, raw nuts for savory salty snacks and veggies for crunchy snacks. Every item in their cart is identifiable and easily pronounced. Oh, and their grocery bill won’t be nearly as high as most people think healthy items are.

The health conscious shopper also has plenty of energy to get through their day, glide through the supermarket and even has enough energy to go home and cook a healthy meal after shopping.

If this doesn’t sound like you, then you might not be a health conscious grocery shopper. This doesn’t make you a bad person; it simply makes you less healthy. The good news is you can change it and you can do it one step at a time. Maybe this week you will swap canned fruits for fresh fruits and then next week you add a lot more greens in your cart. It doesn’t have to be hard to be healthy. It just takes the willingness to decide to do it. Here’s to your health!

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your favorite quick and healthy meals? Tweet me at @AshleyisFamous, and tell me about it!