East Ways to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

Weddings are expensive events, and many couples look to save costs when planning their wedding. This article gives advice on how to save money when planning the big day.

Many couples have their dream wedding in mind but find themselves limited by their budget. However, there are many simple and effective ways of reducing the cost of weddings whilst still retaining all the items that make up an intimate and wonderful day.

Prioritize Your Wants

Both partners will have ideas in mind as to what constitutes their dream wedding. Together, each couple should sit down and decide what is most important to them on their wedding day.

Whether it is the location, the venue, the number of guests, or the flower arrangements, both bride and groom should separately make a list of their top ten most important items, compare lists, and decide between themselves what they want from their big day, and what to spend their money on.

Look at the Guest List

The highest cost when organizing a wedding is often due to the number of invited guests. Often, wedding venues will require a payment ‘per head,’ and so the more guests invited, the higher the cost – due to having to choose a larger venue, more food, and a larger cake.

The couple should review their guest list closely and think about reducing the numbers who will attend the ceremony, with a view to inviting them to the later reception. The bride and groom will need to spend time with each guest on their big day, and this can result in a lot of time spent if the guest list is quite large.

Choose the Right Venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue can take time, as well as being very expensive. An outdoor wedding often costs much more than an indoor wedding, as the couple counts the cost of a marquee, linens, and so on.

Often, having the ceremony at a hotel will lead to discounts if the bride and groom agree to a deal whereby guests stay at the same hotel. This can lead to considerable savings.

The location of the venue has to be carefully considered, as the cost of hiring the venue can differ greatly depending upon the area. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the bride and groom-to-be carry out an extensive and thorough search of potential venues, enabling them to decide upon the best and most cost-effective location for them.

Invitations and Decorations

Wedding invitations can be very expensive if bought in bulk from a professional wholesaler. Instead, a good cost-saving tip is to hand-make the invitations. Besides saving sizeable amounts of money, it will also provide an important personal touch to the invitation and set the mood for the day.

Much is also spent on favors and decorations for the day itself. Flowers can be a source of high cost, even though money can be saved through using silk flowers for all decorations but the table, or perhaps buying fresh flowers in bulk and arranging them yourself.

Ask Family and Friends for Help

It may be that the couple knows a family member or close friend who can assist with the wedding preparation and proceedings, saving potentially thousands of pounds in the process.

If a friend is a keen photographer, then they could be approached politely and asked if they could take the wedding photographs. If a family member is adept at arts and crafts, they could be asked to assist with the decoration of the hall. This will all contribute to making the wedding more intimate, personal, and memorable.

Food and Drink

Arranging catering for your wedding is also an area of high expense; however, much money can be saved through simple measures.

A buffet-style meal is much more cost-effective than a meal where guests are seated at tables, due to the fact that the costs of the waiters will be included in this package. Similarly, any before or after-dinner foods can be limited to reduce expenses.

Many weddings have an open bar, which can add thousands to the final cost of the wedding. Instead, the couple can provide their own drink (if the venue permits it) or limit the open bar to one or two hours during the day.

It should be borne in mind that although – for many – this day comes around just once in a lifetime, the couple should not be excessive in their planning and purchasing of items. Saving thousands of pounds or dollars will ensure a strong financial foundation for their lives together whilst still allowing the bride and groom to have a memorable wedding day that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.