Destination Guides Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is known as home to sports, theater, and ethnic neighborhoods. A visit to this city is a treat for any visitor because there is always something going on within its perimeters.

The downtown area is known as the “Golden Triangle.” The downtown area offers high-rise buildings, shopping areas, and an opportunity to view various architectural styles in the buildings. It is home to a theater district, which offers top Broadway performances. The name is derived from three rivers joining at the point, known as the downtown area.

The downtown area is a great place to find Pittsburgh’s favorite foods, also. Hot soft pretzels and chestnuts in the Fall make the walk downtown an enjoyable one.

Across the river from downtown is another district. It is home to a sports arena and a large gambling mecca. The inclines are a treat to ride as they make their way up the mountain, known as Mt. Washington. This mode of transportation has been in operation for many years. Commuters make their way on these inclines to work in the morning and return home in the evening if they are residents of the Mount Washington area. Tourists enjoy the scenic trip up and down the mountain. The view from Mount Washington has visitors enthralled, especially in the evening when the city lights shine from the mountain.

On this side of the river is Station Square, which was once the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station. It is now home to restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. 

There are many ethnic neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area. The “Strip District” is home to vendors, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other fresh items. The district has been in operation for many years, and many residents enjoy the opportunity to purchase fresh items. The merchants are friendly, and the streets are always lined with trucks delivering the goods.

This district becomes alive in the evening when the working people and visitors fill the small restaurants, which serve fresh food. There are many nightclubs, playing jazz, country, or rock music. The back door of these establishments faces the River, so the boats can be seen making their way down the river.

No trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a trip to Polish Hill, an ethnic community. It offers fine food and various architectural designs on the many houses.

The rivers offer a choice to ride a boat to explore their paths. There are cruises, which offer sightseeing, along with dinner and dancing.

Pittsburgh welcomes visitors when they come by plane. The airport has various shops within its confines. You will find bargains and unusual items to purchase before you enter the city proper.

There are many fine hotels in the downtown area. In the outskirts of the city, there are many motels, which are comfortable and range from reasonable to luxury. A check with the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.

For a cultural tour of the city, a visitor should visit the Oakland section of the city. There is a museum, library, and other cultural venues located there. 

The city is easy to navigate. There are buses, streetcars, inclines, and a subway system that can take a visit to any part of the city. Contact the Visitors Bureau for information and maps.

For family fun, the city has one of the oldest amusement parks, still in operation. It is Kennywood Park and offers many amusement rides and shows for visitors. It is located off of Interstate 376. It has five roller coasters. The “jackrabbit” is the old wooden kind and has been featured on several television shows and rated as one of the best coasters in the United States.