Decorating Guest Tables At A Wedding

Wedding table decor is an important part of the overall decorations, for some beautiful yet inexpensive ways to decorate guests’ table at a wedding reception, consider some of these ideas.

Table Decorations

 Dress up plain tables inexpensively with paper (they look like linen) or felt table runners. A nice one to consider is the Spring Flowers Felt Table Runner from
 Consider wedding cake table decorations as well, such as tasteful signage on the table, backlight on the cake (not too hot), or glass case over the cake.
 Beautiful table number cards are important.
 If using personal tablecloths, take a wedding stencil design (available at any craft store) or a stencil of the bride and groom's names or initials and line the edge of the tablecloth with it using washable paint in a subtle color like a soft silver or light blue.

Wedding Table Arrangement

 A nice table arrangement is to have all of the guests' tables arranged in a circle around the dance floor, with the head table at the top of the circle.
 Consider square tables instead of round. If the corner of the table points towards the head table, it means no one really has their back to the bride and groom. Make the vases for the centerpieces square as well.

Keeping Wedding Guests Entertained

 It has become a tradition to leave disposable cameras on the table for guests to take pictures. Include some instructions with the cameras such as "Please use this to take photos of the reception. When finished, please leave on the table for us to pick up" or "Please take pictures for us of the reception. We want the funniest, silliest pictures possible."
 Place small games at each table, such as Rubik's cube or mini checkers. Not only is this a great icebreaker for some tables, but it will add some fun for guests. Try Table Topics for Couples at It contains 135 question cards that could be divided up among the tables.
 Leave a bottle of champagne at each table and have one person at each table pop it at the same time, such as when the bride and groom enter the reception hall or after the first toast.

From table placement to decor to small ways to get guests talking, there are many easy ways to give wedding tables some unique style.