Decorate a Wedding Candle

Make your wedding candle that much more special by decorating it yourself. A lovingly crafted unity candle is a lifelong keepsake.

Even if you have never worked with candles before, there are ways you can personalize your unity candle. Some of these techniques are easy and take less time; others require more planning and skill.

Ribbons and Bows for a Keepsake Wedding Candle

The easiest way to decorate your wedding candle is with ribbons. Choose ribbons in your wedding colors, and adorn the unity candle with at least two different colors. If you cannot find one big multi-color ribbon, use narrower ribbons of different colors. Wrap at least three ribbons around the candle, the different color in the middle, and tie in multiple bows.

If you do find a thick multi-color ribbon that matches your wedding colors, use that and purchase or create a large, round multi-colored bow.

Tie the same ribbon(s) around the taper candles that you will use to light the unity candle, but with smaller bows.

To secure the bows to the candles, use this optional step. Melt a little paraffin wax in a double boiler. Dip a paintbrush into the wax and quickly dab wax on the candle where you want the bow to stick. Immediately, press the bow on. If the wax cools before you press on the bow, this will not work.

It is also possible to attach a photograph of you, and you’re intended to your wedding candle. Purchase sticky-backed photo paper that you can print photos on from a laserjet printer. Cut the photograph into an oval, and center it on the candle. Decorate the edges of the photograph with lace or tiny bows.


If you are crafty and want to do more with your candle(s), the over dipping technique opens up new possibilities.

Supplies Needed

 Wax pouring pot,
 Large pot for bottom of the double boiler,
 Wooden spoon,
 Clear candle wax,
 Kitchen thermometer,
 Wedding invitation, dried flowers, etc.,
 Old newspapers and grease-proof paper.

Pour water into a large pot, and place candle wax in wax pouring pot. This is your double boiler. Melt the wax and bring to 205 degrees F. Dip your prepared candle for three seconds, and take out for a minute or two. Dip one more time for three seconds, then set aside to cool.

Either let the wax cool in your wax pouring pot or pour onto grease-proof paper for later use. Place the grease-proof paper in a large bowl and pour in the hot wax.

Candle Making Safety Notes

Please, always melt wax in a double boiler. Wax is highly flammable, and any other method of melting is unsafe. Also, please keep candle making supplies and utensils separate from food making supplies and utensils.

Never throw melted wax down the sink or put wax supplies in the dishwasher. The wax will cool and clog the drains.