Day 5 of the #livemorechallenge

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So, I’ve been doing the #livemorechallenge with the incredible Sarah Jenks. Today, is day 5 and she released video 2 in her free training as she gets closer to the doors opening for her program. Today’s video was about love and body and she asked two critical questions that I’m going to share below along with my answers that I gave in the challenge.

The first half of the video was about love and how you would show up more on your dates if you’re single or in your relationship if you’re wifed up.  The second half was about falling in love with your body even if it doesn’t look the way you want it to right now.  So, here’s the questions that she asked at the end of the video and my answers to them:

1. How are YOU going to show up more in your relationship? I’m going to stop simply throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I’m going to wear dresses because they make me feel sexy regardless of how I look to others. When I feel sexy my husband feels those good vibes and treats me better. I’m also going to get in my feminine flow like your example from the video- take a moment to turn off work Ashley, take a shower, light a candle and calm the hell down because calm and feminine Ashley is much more loving and enjoyable to be around.

2. What action are you going to take to start building a relationship with your body? I’m going to give her manicures and pedicures. She writes all day in her ghost writing business and her hands deserve a rest. She also deserves pedicures because she has foot problems and they would make her feel way more luxurious.

I’m putting it out into the Universe now that I hope I’m one of the winners of this challenge because I’d love to have a seat in the program. I’m all about body empowerment and am ready to stop waiting on the weight to live a life I love. I’m looking forward to participating in the rest of this challenge and then ultimately exploring all the exciting challenges that await me in the program. I’m ready to live more and weigh less!