Creative Uses For Wine Bottles

One of the great things about crafting is the free material often found in the recycle bin, and a good example of this is the many creative uses for wine bottles. You can turn these treasures into drinking glasses, beautiful mosaics, garden art, and so much more.

Check out the following ten ideas and start crafting.

Candle Holders

Use the empty bottle as is or paint with glass paint and place a taper in the neck or cut the neck section from a bottle and use the bottom half for a candle. These make a beautiful centerpiece when several are grouped together.

Oil Lamp

One of the simplest and most useful ways to use wine bottles is to make oil lamps, which give a beautiful light and are perfect for gifts. Rinse your wine bottle and pour in ultra-pure paraffin, then add the special wicks purchased at Wine Bottle Wicks and enjoy the ambiance created by the soft light.

Bottle Tree

Make a bottle tree by using a tree with many branches that are cut to fit inside the bottle. Slip the branches into the bottles and watch how they catch the sunlight. Martha Stewart showed how to make one on her TV show, and you can see a beautiful example here.


With a glass-cutter, score the bottom of the bottle. Heat the scoreline over a candle. Pour cold water on the heated line, and the glass will separate evenly. In the neck end of the bottle, insert and attach a receptacle for a light bulb. Wire this into an existing light fixture add your bulb. Grouping several of these at various heights will create a dramatic and unique light fixture for any room in your home. Stuff mini Christmas lights into the bottles and use them as decorative lamps during the holidays.


Place wine bottles in a bag and break with a hammer. Glue the pieces to the item of your choice and grout. Follow the instructions on the grout for cleaning and setting times. Using this method, you can create your own mosaic masterpieces for the following uses:

    Stepping stones
    Garden art
    Chair seats and backs
    Wall hangings
    Picture frames 


Cut the neck from the wine bottle and sand the edge of the bottom part. Use as a vase for fresh or silk flower arrangements. Use as a candy dish or unique serving dish for condiments, nuts, or candy.

Flavored Vinegar And Oils

Clean and sterilize bottles in a dishwasher or oven and fill with flavored vinegar or oils. Group several together on your counter or give as gifts. Create your own unique labels.

Bubble Bath

A Bath Salts In clean, sterile wine bottles, put bubble bath or bath salts as gifts or for you. Choose uniquely colored or shaped bottles for this. Finish it with a pretty bow at the neck.


A wonderful gift for wine-drinking friends, is your own wine in recycled wine bottles. Just clean and sterilize them and add your own red, white, or champagne creation. Create and print your own labels using handmade paper.

Beautiful Displays

Build a ship in a bottle. Kits can be found at several websites online. Using patience and long tweezers, create a magical terrarium scene in a wine bottle. Miniatures can be found online or created with polymer clay.

Set Of Glasses

Score and cut several bottles of like-kind to make a set of glasses, known as punts. Be sure to sand the lip of each glass. These make wonderful gifts for Christmas if you use green bottles. On the other hand, you can etch a seasonal greeting or initials. You can also paint scenes on them. Try painting a goldfish and seaweed on one. There you have it, several creative uses for wine bottles.

Be creative and let your imagination run wild, or feel free to have fun with these ideas, and be sure to wear protective gloves and safety goggles when working with glass.