Create An Ultimate Wedding Day Survival Kit

Help a bride be prepared for wedding day emergencies with a customized wedding day survival kit. Every bride needs one, so it makes the perfect gift.

An Ultimate Wedding Day Survival Kit is easy to assemble, and it makes a thoughtful, useful, and unique gift for any bride. There are several ready-made versions on the market, but not many can come close to this list of sixty-plus items that can be personalized for the big day.

Pre-made models on the market range in price from $30-50 but are missing several key items. With thrifty shopping and using items already on-hand around the house, it’s more affordable to make one. To go all out, ask someone else to chip in on the gift to divide both the cost and the legwork to assemble it.

Make it an Affordable Wedding Gift

Shop at dollar stores and in the trial size/travel sections at drug, grocery, and department stores to get small quantities and keep costs low. Almost everything on the list comes in some form of trial or small-sized version.

For some items on the list, you only need to put a couple of items from a larger pack (i.e., tampons, bobby pins, or safety pins). You don’t have to buy these things if you already have some in the house. Buy travel containers, small plastic bags, and ribbon to contain small quantities. Be sure to make a label for the container or bag.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Survival Kit Contents

For Beauty Care

 1 travel-sized toothbrush & toothpaste
 Dental floss or a few floss picks
 1 small bottle of mouthwash
 1 small bottle of hairspray
 1 trial size hand cream (light or unscented)
 1 small bottle of baby powder
 1 trial size spray-on deodorant (his & hers)
 A pack of oil blotting papers
 1 razor
 1 lip balm
 1 nail file
 1 bottle of clear nail polish
 1 trial size bottle of nail polish remover
 1 nail clipper
 1 pair of tweezers
 1 small brush
 1 mini mirror
 A few cotton swabs or pads
 A few bobby pins (in black, brown and silver)
 A few hair elastics
 A small pack of wet wipes (excellent for sweaty palms or wiping leather shoes)

For Personal & Health Care

 1 pack of gum or breath mints
 A few pieces of hard candy
 2 straws (for drinking without ruining lipstick)
 1 small tube of sunscreen
 1 small bottle of insect repellant (for outdoor weddings)
 1 small pack of tissues
 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer
 1 small bottle of eye drops
 1 small bottle of contact lens solution & extra case
 A few assorted band-aids or liquid skin
 A few feminine products (tampons, panty liners, and pads)
 A small bottle of pain relievers such as Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin

For Apparel Care

 1 travel sewing kit (includes scissors, thread matching dresses, and hem tape)
 1 stick of white chalk (hides dress stains)
 1 pair of extra pantyhose (in the nude)
 1 pair of black socks (for men)
 1 stain remover stick or a few wipes (do not use on the wedding dress)
 1 small bottle of wrinkle release spray
 Dryer sheets or Static Guard
 1 lint brush or roller
 A few safety pins in different sizes
 1 roll of double-sided fashion tape
 A set of earring backs
 1 pair of shoe pads
 1 tube of superglue
 1 roll of floral tape
 A few corsage pins
 A shoe-shine kit (in black for men)
 A pair of slippers or flip-flops

For Just in Case

 A few extra batteries (for cameras)
 A mini flashlight
 A roll of duct or packing tape
 A pen & notepad
 An umbrella
 2 bottles of water
 2 granola bars or snack crackers
 2 extra wedding bands (buy cheap fake ones- just in case!)