Cookie Wedding Favors

Edible wedding favors are fun for guests and affordable for brides and grooms. Wedding-themed cookies, whether homemade or gourmet, are a great wedding favor option.

Cookies are an excellent option for wedding favors. Unlike many wedding favors, which end up in the trash or a junk drawer, cookies are edible and fun for guests. Easy to make at home or available for purchase online, wedding favor cookies travel well and can be stored for several weeks in advance without going stale.

Additionally, cookie wedding favors are a great personalized wedding favor option. They are easily customized to fit the theme of a wedding. Fall weddings could have leaf-shaped cookies. Winter weddings might consider snowflake-shaped wedding cookie favors. Summer weddings lend themselves to a variety of wedding cookie ideas, such as a sand dollar cookie for a beach wedding, or a cookie favor decorated like the sun.

Making Wedding Favor Cookies

There are many ways for a bride and groom to give away cookies as wedding favors. The following ideas are easy and cost-effective:

 Make sugar cookies using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Wrap in individual clear plastic bags and attach a gift tag customized with the couple's name and wedding date.
 Bake the bride's favorite cookie recipe and the groom's favorite cookie recipe. Package in an individual bag and include a recipe card for each.
 Decorate wedding cake shaped cookies with the monogram of the couple and the wedding date.
 Use special wedding-themed cookie cutters to make a unique wedding favor for each guest.

Buying Wedding Favor Cookies

The popularity of edible wedding favors, such as cookies, has prompted many wedding-focused companies to create a variety of cookie options for brides and grooms. If deciding to use cookies for wedding favors, the bride and groom should first check with the bakery that is making their cake. Oftentimes, a bakery will offer a discount for bulk orders or for customers making a large purchase, such as a wedding cake.

Some of the wedding cookie favor options available online include:

 Wedding Fortune Cookies, with the inside fortune reading a quote or a fortune relating to love and marriage. Some companies will also personalize wedding fortune cookies with the bride and groom's names and wedding date for an additional fee.
 Wedding cake shaped cookies are a popular choice for brides and grooms who buy cookie wedding favors. They are a simple and elegant choice, and can often be customized to match the actual wedding cake.
 Personalized wedding-themed cookies, including designs like cakes, rings, brides, grooms, and hearts, are available in different sizes from various online vendors. Including the details of the wedding adds a personal touch.

Whether the bride and groom choose to go the do-it-yourself route and make the cookie wedding favors by hand, or to purchase them online, guests appreciate a useful, tasty favor that adds a unique touch to the wedding.