Christmas Wedding Planning On A Budget

People who live for the holidays and want to make the Christmas season even more special by planning their weddings during that time should consider the seven money-saving tips below to have a dazzling DIY Christmas wedding on a shoestring budget.

Plan ahead

When couples know ahead of time that they’re going to have a winter wedding, they should hit the after-Christmas sales at their local craft store. A great store to ransack after the holidays is Michaels, where one can find seasonal decorations up to 90% off during sales. Pick up garland, wreaths, candles, ornaments, hurricanes, Christmas lights, and anything else that correlates with the theme. This will save hundreds of dollars.


Take a walk outside and pick up all the pinecones on the ground during the winter months leading up to the wedding. Making them beautiful by adding “snow” is simple, and they can be placed in the glass hurricanes that were bought on sale as a centerpiece or decoration for the guest book table. Here are the steps to add snow to the pinecones: Separate the egg whites from a few eggs. With a paintbrush, brush the egg whites along the edges of the pine cones. Dust the pinecones with crystal sugar. Set aside and allow to dry for five hours.

Forgo the cake

Instead of having a cake, bake gingerbread cookies in the shape of gingerbread men and women. The guests will love the unique dessert, and the couple will save tons of money by baking it themselves.

Apple cider

During the cocktail hour, serve apple cider that will send the scent of cinnamon and spices swirling around the reception area. Save money on alcohol. The guests won’t even miss it with this warm beverage as the substitute.


After saving 90% on beautiful ornaments during the sales, give them to the guests as favors. Put a pine tree decorated with gorgeous ornaments near the entrance/exit with a sign that invites the guests to take one on their way out.

Pearl wreaths

Find bags of fake pearls at yard sales, craft stores, or party stores. Or, if a friend or family member has been to Mardi Gras, ask them if they have beads that can be used for wedding decor. I can guarantee they have plenty of pearl-colored beads if they’ve been to New Orleans. Once you have enough pearls, pick up some foam wreaths and white-colored fabric from the local craft store. Cover the foam wreaths in the fabric and then hot glue the pearls on top of the fabric. This becomes an elegant decoration for a Christmas or winter wedding.

Candy Canes

Place a candy cane on each plate or napkin for a sweet treat that also serves as a decoration.