Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom

Mom will like anything you give her, but here are some Christmas gift ideas that will make your favorite woman happy.

Unless your mom is a gourmet chef, I would steer clear of the pots and pans department. I think that moms really like any kind of jewelry, clothing, or anything made by their children or grandchildren. I would also discourage you from buying vacuum cleaners even if they are robotic. Give that to your dad, instead. Here are other Christmas gift ideas.

Jewelry – Easy Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Any kind of pearl jewelry is good. I don’t know about your family, but I think that some of those jewelry items with fake birthstones are a bit tacky…though if you look for something simple, it might be nice. Do ask yourself if Grace Kelly would wear it…and if you don’t know who that is, and why would you…just remember that simpler is better, when you are buying something of this caliber.

Pearls for Mom Bracelet: This says “mom” on it, but the writing is tiny, so it’s not gaudy. I like this and I would wear this. Well, remember that your mother will wear anything you buy for her, or make for her, because it’s from you.

Beaded Edge Mother’s Hand Stamped Necklace: This is also cool because it’s funky and hand stamped. I like it as shown without Swarovski crystals, which don’t really look good with silver or pewter. If everyone is pitching in for the $45.00 and you can’t fit all of the names, you could use nicknames or initials. This is cute and can be worn daily.

Sterling Silver Family Heart Locket: Most of the time, I think that jewelry without names or words is the most classic and, therefore, preferable to jewelry with verbage. However, if you want to give your mom anything that says, “Mom we love you,” you will make her tear up with happiness, and I will give you my blessing. This is a nice locket for all of the things that your mother has done, or tried to do, for you.

Travel Accessories

If your mom is a traveler, you can find quite a few inexpensive things that she will love.

Rick Steves Books: No matter how many times you’ve been to Europe, you will learn something new from the Rick Steves’ guidebooks. I don’t know how people do Europe without them. He gives so many tips that are exactly what you need to know. And, if your mom has never been to Europe, you should save up and send her someday.

Danielle Cosmetic Bags: These are becoming harder to find but if you google around for Danielle Makeup Case White, you may find it. They are well-made of a nice see-through mesh. You know it’s the right thing if it has a little airplane pull on the zipper. Get it in any shape or size that you can find because these unassuming little bags are exactly right in all of the sizes. I’ve used them for years and they last forever.

The Danielle makeup bags that I’m talking about are cheap, so you might want to toss a little blusher from the drugstore into it. And, if you can’t find the travel cases with the little airplanes, any kind of makeup case is always helpful for mom to have. Even if she isn’t traveling much in this economy, she can always use it to stash her stuff in the car.

New Mom

Ed Hardy Diaper Bag: If mom has little ones, you can get her a groovin’ Ed Hardy Bag. For a less expensive alternative, try Sourpuss or Jaminga. Look around online because there are rocking cool diaper bags everywhere.

I really have to assure you that you needn’t stress over a present for your mom. Mothers are usually so overlooked that they are thrilled to receive anything.