Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

Choosing the ideal wedding reception venue is one of the important parts of planning a wedding. What kind of venue do I want, and what choices do I have?

Finding the ideal wedding venue is just as important as finding the perfect dress. There are many factors that need to be taken into account and kept in mind before deciding on a location. The visual aesthetic is one of the main reasons why a location is selected. Brides are always thinking, how are the pictures going to look, and will everyone think this is beautiful?

Options to Minimize Cost and Maximize Time

For many, the best choice is a venue that is often used for weddings. This way, there will be many examples of how a place is decorated and what kind of pictures can be taken. Size and space are also important factors, depending on the size of your guest list. If you choose a place that is large enough to have both the ceremony and the reception, this most ideal and can save money on decorating costs.

Also, this can reduce the amount of time traveling between the ceremony site and reception site, and this will then free up more time for wedding party photos, as well as wardrobe and styling time. That is definitely a highlight because the last thing a bride or groom wants on their wedding day is to feel rushed and herded from one location to another.

Experience and Expertise

Venues that have experience in hosting weddings are a plus, and they can advise on what florists and catering companies are best to work with. A location that hosts other social and corporate events is even better because they will have diverse options and can really help a bride and groom find the exact type of florist or caterer that is specific to their theme and taste. Finding a florist and caterer that have a history with the venue can streamline the process and ensures that they have had a pleasant working relationship with your location in the past.

Traditional vs. Unique

When weighing the options, the most important question to ask is, what kind of venue do I want? Do I want a classic location that can be easily decorated to fit my style and theme? Or do I want something exotic, unexpected, and a little bit different? Wedding receptions are often at banquet halls or convention centers because of size and convenience. At places like these, wedding photo options can be sparse, and some photographers choose other locations to take photos, causing more time to be taken before arriving at the reception. If the wedding reception location is already visually unique, this can reduce the amount of time from ceremony to reception greatly and relieving stress for the wedding party.

Unique Venues

A location that has a unique and interesting background is also ideal for those brides that are looking for something different and not the usual type of wedding venue. In Tampa, FL, The Bayanihan Arts Center is a Filipino cultural center that hosts many weddings and is large enough to accommodate a ceremony and a reception. From the crystal chandelier at the entrance to the beautiful fountain, there are touches of items directly from the Philippines that can enhance any reception and add a bit of a unique touch.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, FL, is a 19th-century historical landmark that was built and created to emulate the charm and styling of a European palace. The Vizcaya is the ideal location for any bride whose wedding incorporates European or extravagant themes.

The Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, is a site that is close to the beach and appeals to brides that want to have a laid back or tropical theme to their wedding. This site is so diverse that it can appeal to a bride that wants a small intimate wedding or a grand ball.