Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important elements of preparation for the big day, whether it be a church, a registry office, or elsewhere.

Apart from the bride’s dress and the contents of the best man’s speech, the wedding venue is likely to be one of the elements that guests remember most at a wedding. There are many wedding venues around the world, and choosing the right wedding venue is vitally important. There are several factors and criteria to consider before a reservation is made.

Allow Plenty of Time

This is a very important decision to be made, and should not be left until the last minute. The bride and groom should begin looking for a suitable venue at least a year before the wedding date to allow time to visit as many potential locations as possible and make a decision without pressure.

Ensure the Venue is Compatible With the Number of Guests

Whenever a potential wedding venue is being investigated, the bride and groom must always bear in mind the number of guests that will be attending; this will dictate a number of items, such as the size of the ceremony hall, or the location of the dance floor.

If a venue is chosen, which is too small, guests may feel claustrophobic and awkward. If the venue is too large, then the intimacy of the wedding is lost. The size of the venue is, therefore, an important factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue. The betrothed couple should also enquire about whether the parking areas are sufficient for the number of guests expected.

Consider the Location of the Venue

This may seem obvious, but is an important attribute to consider when deciding upon a wedding venue. If guests are coming from afar, the venue should be close enough to major transport links so that it is easy to get to. However, the immediate setting of the venue is also of utmost importance, and the bride and groom are advised to consider the grounds of the venue, whether they are suitable for guests to congregate in, and if they would provide a beautiful backdrop for the wedding photographs.

The engaged couple will also need to make a choice as to whether the reception will be held in the same venue as the ceremony. If so, consideration should be given to whether there is adequate space; if not, the location of the reception should be fairly close to the wedding venue, to avoid a lengthy journey.

Enquire Regarding the Venue’s Menu

The dining experience of the wedding day is often overlooked, with the main areas of attention being focused elsewhere. The bride and groom should ask to see a copy of the menu and enquire as to the range of dishes offered. If there are likely to be guests attending with special dietary requirements, the ability of the venue to accommodate this should be ascertained before any decision is made.

Take a Camera to All Viewings

The bride and groom should ensure that they take a notepad and a camera with them to each viewing that is carried out. This will enable an informed and educated decision to be made when all shortlisted venues have been visited.

The betrothed couple should also endeavor to ask as many questions as possible during each visit. A reputable hotelier will be pleased to answer all queries.

Instinct Should be Trusted

Many couples will make a decision on a venue within the first few minutes of arriving and should trust any initial reactions. However, all venues should be visited with an open mind and a willingness to see both the benefits and drawbacks of the location with regards to suitability for the big day.

Enquire Regarding Other Events

One of the questions that should always be asked upon visiting any prospective venue is whether or not there is another event scheduled for the same day. This could be another wedding, or perhaps an alternative arrangement, but the bride and groom should consider the appropriateness of another event being held at the same time or on the same day as the wedding day, as this may disappoint guests and spoil the proceedings.

Many a wedding day has been spoilt through a bad choice of venue. Alternatively, the location of a wedding can provide the perfect backdrop for some wonderful memories of an incredible day. Choosing the venue is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and the bride and groom should think carefully before reaching a final conclusion, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each venue to ensure that the choice made is the correct one.