Choosing The Best Wedding Dress

Choosing the best wedding dress means knowing the most flattering style and shape. This guide to finding the dream bridal gown will make any woman look like a princess.

Shopping for a wedding dress is a fantastic feeling, but it can also be very frustrating. The dress that looks gorgeous on a willowy model in a magazine might not look so good in real life. The key thing is to emphasize all good points and minimize and disguise or cover those that are not so good.

Wedding Dress Style

Looking at magazines and going to bridal shows is a great start, but it is essential for the bride to know what style and shape will suit her best, and then focus on that. She should take her bridesmaid shopping with her for some objectivity as well as moral support.

Ball Gown Shaped Wedding Dress

Some wedding dresses have narrow or very thin straps, and some are strapless. The most popular is the ballgown shape: strapless with a fitted top into the waist and then a long full skirt. This is great for women with good shoulders and arms. Also good for taller women, not so good for shorter rounder girls who should go for a less cluttered look.

A-line Wedding Dress

A more flattering shape for all shapes and sizes is the A-line bridal gown. This style has wider straps, and the fabric falls softly from the shoulders, creating a simple silhouette with a flared hem. It can be floor length or shorter. Smaller women could look at a shorter length.

Princess Wedding Dress

The Princess shape is similar to the A-line, but the fabric is cut into panels so that the seams down the front follow the shape of the body. This creates a more sexy fitted look but does not have to be tight, and looks gorgeous on most body shapes.

Empire Line Bridal Gown

Empire line dresses have a high waistline that can look fabulous on all but those who have a bigger bust. The skirt skims over the hips and then flares slightly.

Asymmetrical Hemlines on Wedding Dress

Good legs could be shown off in an asymmetrical hemline with one side longer than the other. This is ideal for a modern wedding where the bride wants to make a statement.

Wedding Dress Hemlines

The classic wedding dress finishes a little over an inch from the floor. This is with shoes on. If wedding shoes have not yet been found, take shoes that have a comfortable heel when trying on dresses. This is the height the wedding shoes should be.

Bear in mind that a shorter skirt, even one that ends just above the ankles, means shoes or sandals are more on display.

Sleeves on Wedding Dresses

Generally, wedding dresses do not have sleeves, but for the bride who wants to cover her arms and for winter weddings, there is nothing wrong with long sleeves: fitted for slender arms and less so for those heavier limbs.

The most important thing is that the bride feels confident in the style and shape she has chosen, and that will be reflected in her smile.